Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center
Contact Information
Quarterdeck: (757) 492-0001
Marine Detachment: (757) 492-0068
2088 Regulus Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23461-2099

Located in Building 420 (Layton Hall)
Dam Neck Annex, NAS Oceana
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday: 5:30 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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Our Mission
Deliver entry-level, mid-career, and advanced intelligence naval intelligence, information warfare, and information technology training for enlisted and officer students directly supporting fleet, the Navy-Marine Corps team, and Intelligence Community requirements for trained and ready Information Dominance Corps professionals to enable decision superiority at every echelon.

Our Philosophy
Accomplish the mission.
- We build intelligence, cryptologic, and communications expertise and develop leaders to fight and win our nation’s wars.
- Our focus is on war fighting and the core of our effort ensures that naval operational intelligence and leading edge cryptologic and communication skills permeate the force.
- Our personnel will be prepared to support naval operations, naval joint campaigns, and war at sea with communications expertise, leading-edge analysis, critical thinking, security and counter-intelligence awareness, and technical and cultural competence.
- Successful support to the joint force will be ensured by our brilliant and unmatched application of the fundamentals that we bring to the fight.

Live up to our core values.
- We reflect honor, courage, and commitment at work and in our off hours, keeping pastimes positive and avoiding potentially destructive behavior.
- HONOR: We uphold the trust bestowed on us by our nation. We do the right thing and use resources wisely. We are a good neighbor to our fellow commands and the community.
- COURAGE: We see people as our greatest resource and relish our diversity. On and off duty, we treat everyone with dignity and respect. We have the courage to make the right choice and to stand in the face of adversity.
- COMMITMENT: We will be the best in our field, while balancing life, work, and family. Personal growth and fitness — mental, physical, spiritual — now ensures we are well-prepared for the long-haul. We are global in experience and focus, approachable, and open to new ideas.

Cherish the opportunity at hand.
- This command and our graduates will be known for a positive, “can-do” attitude. Reflecting the joy in our work, we will support each other in the face of adversity and uncertainty to accomplish the mission. We take pride in our heritage, the Battle of Midway and countless unspoken victories, and our role in the future of the Information Dominance Corps. We prepare for sea, where our trade is centered, and to run towards the sound of the guns.
- Instructors and staff will set the example for students. Graduates will set the example for the Fleet, the IDC, the Navy-Marine Corps team, and the Intelligence Community.
- We are preparing to operate forward and will be ready when called.

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