Information Warfare Training Command San Diego
Commanding Officer

Commander Kelly M. Robbins
Commanding Officer
Information Warfare Training Command San Diego

Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander Michael V. Holler
Executive Officer
Information Warfare Training Command San Diego
Senior Enlisted Advisor

Senior Chief Petty Officer Alfred “Al” Dougherty
Senior Enlisted Leader
Information Warfare Training Command San Diego
IWTC San Diego Command History

Building 3602 (circa 1964) Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) San Diego has a long and distinguished past in becoming the icon for information warfare training.

It originated as the Fleet Air Intelligence Training Center, Pacific established in May 1955 at Naval Air Station Alameda, Calif. The initial mission was training of fleet reserve and foreign naval personnel in basic and specialized areas of naval intelligence.

IWTC San Diego has seen many changes since 1955. The most recent took place in July 2016, when the command’s name officially changed to IWTC San Diego from Center for Information Dominance Unit San Diego. This emphasizes a shift in thinking of information warfare as a critical capability of the Navy’s mission sets and a change in terminology from information dominance to information warfare (IW).

The command’s name had last changed in 2014 with the consolidation of the Fleet Intelligence Training Command (FITC) and Center for Information Dominance Learning Site San Diego (CIDLSSD). The consolidation of FITC and CIDLSSD was a logical outcome stemming from the Information Dominance Corps concept, which emphasized collaboration between the Intelligence, Information Warfare, Information Professional, Meteorology/Oceanography, and Space Cadre disciplines. FITC previously focused on intelligence training whereas the expertise of CIDLSSD lay in information operations and information technology.

IWTC San Diego provides unmatched instruction to a variety of students. This includes Navy and Marine Corps officers and enlisted personnel, as well as members of the other military branches, DoD civilians, and foreign military officers.

IWTC San Diego continues to lead the way with innovative training programs and has become the hub of training for the IW community on the West Coast, integrating all facets in unified training between its components. This includes advanced distance learning using the Navy's computer networks to provide crucial online training to Pacific Fleet units anywhere at any time. IWTC San Diego is also home to groundbreaking IW team trainers that build critical skills for the IW teams on deploying carrier and expeditionary strike groups.

Through all of the changes, IWTC San Diego continues to deliver quality professional training in intelligence, information warfare, and information technology to the fleet ensuring IW professionals leaving our schoolhouse are brilliant on the fundamentals of our profession and ready to operate.


"We provide a continuum of information warfare training to Navy and joint service personnel that prepares them to conduct information warfare across the full spectrum of military operations."

Command/Directorate Contact Numbers
N00 - Commanding Officer (619) 524-5812
N01 - Executive Officer (619) 524-5812
N00E - Senior Enlisted Leader (619) 524-5812
N1 - Administration (619) 524-6902
N4 - Facilities (619) 524-5046
N6 - Systems (619) 524-5838
N7 - Training (619) 524-1399/1037
N9 - Visual Support Branch (619) 524-5820
Security Manager (619) 524-0560
Special Security Representative (619) 524-4491
Public Affairs Officer (619) 524-0560
Quarterdeck/General Inquiries (619) 524-5814
Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NMAWC) (619) 524-5382