Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training
Command Officer

Captain Eric J. Simon
Commanding Officer
Captain Nate Schneider
Executive Officer
Command Master Chief

CMDCM (AW/SW) Kirk D. Klawitter
Command Master Chief
CNATT Command Picture - 2004

Established in early February of 2003, The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) has been working to bring the Navy's Revolution in Training to the aviation community. CNATT is one of 13 "Learning Centers" under the Naval Education and Training Command tasked with developing and maintaining the Sailor/Marine Training Continuum.

The Chief of Naval Operations, ADM Vern Clark, who initiated the "Revolution in Training" which entailed realignment of the Navy's Training organization, stood up CNATT. CNATT now provides single site management for Navy and Marine Corp Aviation Technical Training.

The Pensacola based headquarters is responsible for 27 sites located throughout the Continental United States and Japan. CNATT with a staff of over 3,000, trains more than 130,000 students annually in the US and abroad. The center is responsible for curriculum and educational tools, as well as developing training solutions and professional development for aviation ratings (ABE, ABF, ABH, AC, AD, AE, AG, AM, AME, AO, AS, AT, AW, AZ, PR), Airman, related Aviation Maintenance Officer training and training for Marine Corps Aviation Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) requirements.

Seven directorates make up the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training; Functional Integration, Total Force, Career Management, Knowledge Management, Training, Technical Support, and Resource Management.

CNATT's mission is to develop, deliver, and support aviation technical training necessary to meet validated fleet requirements through a continuum of professional and personal growth for Sailors and Marines.


The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) mission is to develop, deliver, and support aviation training necessary to meet validated Fleet requirements through a continuum of professional and personal growth for Sailors and Marines.


To provide a pathway of learning for development of the finest aviation professionals capable of delivering an immediate and positive impact to the Fleet.

Guiding Principles

  • We embrace Navy and Marine Corps Core Values.
  • Naval Aviation Technical Training is about Fleet Readiness.
  • Take care of our people; treat all-hands with respect and empower them to succeed.
  • Dedicated to sustaining Naval Aviation professionals through the Naval Aviation Training Continuum.
  • Open communication with all.
  • Value a culture of lifelong learning.
  • Maintain clear understanding of our mission, vision, guiding principles, and goals.
CNATT Organizational Chart

Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training
CNATT Command/Directorate Contact Numbers
230 Chevalier Field Ave, Suite C, Pensacola, FL 32508
Areacode: 850 | DSN 459

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N00 Commanding Officer (850) 452-7163
N01 Executive Officer (850) 452-7163
N02 Command Master Chief (850) 452-8028
N03 Operations Officer (850) 452-8237
N01S Executive Secretary (850) 452-7163
N01G Command Evaluator (850) 452-8120
N01P Public Affairs Officer (850) 452-8297
N01X Safety Specialist (850) 452-8298
N0 Business Analyst (850) 452-8190
N0 Legal (850) 452-8148
N01AD - Administrative Services Office
N01AD Administrative Officer/Security Manager (850) 452-8056
N011AD Administrative Services Lead/Assistant Security Manager (850) 452-8309
N012AD Coorespondence/Awards (850) 452-8308
N013AD Coorespondence/Awards (850) 452-8306
N014AD Awards/Coorespondence (850) 452-8310
N1 - Total Forces Directorate
N1 Director (850) 452-8021
N12 Military Manpower Supervisor (850) 452-8297
N11 Civilian Personnel (850) 452-8198
N111 Civilian Personnel (850) 452-8099
N112 Civilian Awards & Appraisals (850) 452-8236
N113 Military Manpower (850) 452-8191
N114 Civilian Personnel (850) 452-8115
N5 - Functional Integration Directorate
N5 Director (850) 452-8163
N5 USMC Production (850) 452-8153
N5 NATEC Liaison (850) 452-8035
N5   (850) 452-8255
N5111   (850) 452-8255
N5112 Metrics Analyst (850) 452-8129
N5113 IPP Analyst (850) 452-8301
N5114 IPP Analyst (850) 452-8049
N5115 IPP Analyst (850) 452-8199
N5122 CETARS Analyst (850) 452-8146
N5123 CETARS Analyst (850) 452-8302
N5131 Metrics Analyst (850) 452-8054
N514 POM Cpprdomatpr (850) 452-8200
N6 - Knowledge Management Directorate
N6 Director (850) 452-8148
N61 Systems Analyst/Information Assurance Manager (IAM) (850) 452-8313
N611 Information Technology Specialist (850) 452-8090
N631 Knowledge Transfer & Research Eng. (850) 452-8173
N7 - Training Directorate
N7 Director of Training (850) 452-8268
N7A Training Programs/Production Manager (850) 452-8194
N73   (850) 452-8258
N71 Learning Standards Officer (850) 452-8147
N7111 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8196
N7112 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8176
N7113 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8185
N7114 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8193
N712 Supervisor Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8093
N7121 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8259
N7122 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8123
N7123 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8135
N7124 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8036
N7125 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8044
N7115 Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8041
N72 Business Ops Manager (850) 452-8094
N722 Marine Liaison/Admin Support Clerk (850) 452-8228
N7301 HPRR Coordinator (850) 452-8092
N7302 AV Training Specialist (850) 452-8039
N7304 PR Training Specialist (850) 452-8232
N7306 AC Training Specialist (850) 452-8305
N7307 AG Training Specialist (850) 452-8218
N7308 AW Training Specialist (850) 452-8063
N7309 AS Training Specialist (850) 452-8274
N7310 AZ Training Specialist (850) 452-8178
N7311 AM Training Specialist (850) 452-8081
N7 AO Training Specialist (850) 452-8188
N7 AO Training Specialist (850) 452-8257
  CNMOC Liaison (850) 452-8290
N7 AW Training Specialist (850) 452-9156
N8 - Resource Management Directorate
N8 Director/Comptroller (850) 452-8066
N81 Supply/ Travel Division Supervisor (850) 452-8101
N813 Financial Technician (850) 452-8299
N814 Travel Technician - DTS (850) 452-8074
N815 Purchase Card Specialist (850) 452-8304
N816 Supply Technician (850) 452-8045
N82 Financial Management Division Supervisor/Budget Officer (850) 452-8066
N821 Civilian Timekeeping/SLDCACA Assistance (850) 452-8102
N822 Financial Management Analyst (850) 452-8265
N823 Financial Technician (850) 452-8070
N824 Financial Technician (850) 452-8113
N825 Financial Management Analyst (at NASC) (850) 452-2530
N9 - Technical Support Directorate
N9 Director (850) 452-8241
N9 Deputy Director (850) 452-8150
N9 &nbps; (850) 452-8076
N9 PQS (850) 452-8252
N91 AB IPT LEAD/EMALS/AAG (850) 452-8256
N9M USMC Liaison (850) 452-8991
N912 Airborne Launched Weapons, AO Technical Support (850) 452-8207
N913 H-1, ALTIS (850) 452-8182
N914 KC-130 (850) 452-8252
N91 EA-6B, FA-18A/B/C/D/E/F/G Logistics Management Specialist (850) 452-8057
N91 P-3, P-8, LMS: P-3C/EP-3/MMA (850) 452-8164
N91 NASC, AS "C", V-22/SE/LCS/DD(X) (850) 452-8195
N91 H-60 (850) 452-8177
N91 Supervisor/GSIP/ECR Manager (850) 452-8307
N91 Logistic Management Specialist (850) 452-8142
N91/N93 E-2/C-2 (850) 452-8058
N9 CASS (850) 452-8059
N93A NASC, AS "C", Support Equipment Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8118
N931A MQ-8B/RQ-4C (850) 452-8254
N9 E-6B, AMAMT IPT Lead (850) 452-8253
  RT CASS Common Avionics USCM (850) 452-8202
N941A H-60 IPT (850) 452-8244
N943 Contract Specialist/COMS COR, Trainer Rework (850) 452-8170
N944 Contract Specialist, EMALS, AAG (850) 452-8303
N9 UAS 123 IPT Command Career Counselor (850) 452-8183
N945 Contract Specialist (850) 452-8300
N95 Supervisory Inventory Management Specialist (850) 452-8114
N951 SECA Inv Mgmt (850) 452-8126
N952 Supply Technician (850) 452-8139
N95 SECA Inv Mgmt (850) 452-8122
N9 IPT Air Department (850) 452-8311
N9 JSF IPT Lead (850) 452-8078
N96 AMTCS Program Analyst/Curriculum Manager (850) 452-8077
N9 Information Technology Specialist (850) 452-8087
N9 AMTCS Contract Support (850) 452-8263
N9 AMTCS Contract Support (850) 452-8174
N9 Instructional Systems Specialst (850) 452-8223
N9 &nbps; (850) 452-8202
N9 Instructional Systems Specialst (850) 452-8130
N9 NAVAIR E2 Support (850) 452-8278
N9 Contract Support (850) 452-8275
N9 AMTCS Contract Support (850) 452-8055
N9 ORDNANCE SUPPORT (850) 452-8291
N9 H-53 IPT LEAD (850) 452-8203
N9   (850) 452-8096
N9 SECA Inv Mgmt (850) 452-8264
N9 P-3/P-8 Logistics Analyst (850) 452-8068
N9 H-46 IPT Lead (850) 452-8210
N9 SECA Inv Mgmt (850) 452-8145
N9 AV8 IPT Lead (850) 452-8189
N9 F-18/F-35 /AME Rate Mangement (850) 452-8047
N9 Program Analyst (850) 452-8043

The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) logo is in the shape of a triangle to represent the Communities of Practice, Learning and Interest under the Navy's Knowledge Management construct. It will be through this triad of knowledge partnerships and various other partnerships, that Naval Aviation technical learning will achieve success in the 21st Century.

The sayings inscribed on both legs of the triangle embody Naval Aviation; Non Sibi Sed Patriae (Not for Self but for Country) and Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) remind Sailors and Marines that they both serve and fight not for self but for country and are always faithful to the end. The Latin phrases also add to the artistic symbolism embodied by the lion's wings. The wings form the arithmetic symbol of infinity, which joins with the lion's book to show a continuum of lifelong learning and quest for knowledge.

In European and Middle-Eastern folklore, the winged lion symbolized strength, courage, and honor. The lion with an open book is a symbol of peace; when the book is closed it symbolizes times of war. Its wings represent all facets and communities throughout Naval Aviation.

The silhouette of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise represents the forward presence of the Navy-Marine Corps team. The word "enterprise" means "readiness to engage in daring"action which is exactly what the CNATT mission will deliver. Completely integrated from the beginning of aviation technical learning, this team is responsible for "launching learning excellence"; the motto of CNATT. Countless careers will be launched by Sailors, Marines, and Civil Service employees. These Naval Aviation professionals will have unprecedented control over the "course" they wish to navigate during their career. Highlighted against the background of the Navy's blue and gold and the gold and scarlet of the Marine Corps, the colors of the logo complete the vision of "one team - one fight".