CNATT Training Detachment Camp Pendleton

Upon completion of this school, students will have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills of the H-1 systms to included operation, troubleshooting, component removal, inspection and reinstallment procedures and to perform under close supervision, organizational maintenance in the squadron working enviroment.

CNATT MARUNIT Training spacer CNATT MARUNIT Training spacer CNATT MARUNIT Training spacer CNATT MARUNIT Training

Two major improvements to the training evolution are the implementation of Computer Based Training (CBT) and Computer Aided Instruction (CAI). These advances produced major enhancements to instructional delivery in the classroom and reflect the units commitment to capitalize on technology in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of training.

CNATT MARUNIT- Camp Pendleton is the sole support for the following Marine / Navy qualification tracks:

Marine Military Occupational Specialty:

  • 6114 (H-1 Aircraft Mechanic)
  • 6174 (UH-1N Crew Chief)
  • 6124 (I-Level T-400 Engine Mechanic)
  • 6154 (H-1 Airframes & Hydraulics)
  • 6324 (H-1 Avionics)
  • 6433 (I-Level Rotary-wing Electrician)
  • 6531 (H-1 Aircraft Ordnance)
    • 7313 (SECONDARY MOS)
    • UH-1Y/Z COMM/NAV "O"
    • UH-1Y/Z ELECT/AFCS "O"
    • UH-1Y/Z A/F HYD "O"

Navy Equivalency Code:

  • 8380/613W (Aviation Mechanic) [AD]
  • 8380/218W (Avionics Technician) [AT]
  • 8380/218Y (Aviation Electrician) [AE]