CNATT Detachment Tinker AFB
Officer In Charge

Lieutenant Commander Adam Cunningham
Officer in Charge
Staff Non-commissioned Officer in Charge

AVCM Rick J. Berndt
Chief Petty Officer In Charge


To develop, support and deliver the highest quality technical training for aviation maintenance and aircrew personnel on all E-6 aircraft systems through a continuum of professional and personal growth.


To provide a dynamic learning environment for the development of the finest aviation professionals prepared to make a positive and immediate impact to TACAMO Readiness.


CNATT Det Tinker Quarterdeck
Comm.: (405) 739-3500
DSN: 339-3500
FAX Comm.: (405) 739-3505
FAX DSN: 339-3505
CNATT Det Tinker
1641 Mercury Rd. Bldg 830
Tinker AFB, OK 73145