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The Center for Personal and Professional Development was established in 2002 to focus on the continual personal development of Sailors throughout their careers. On May 30, 2008, the Center for Naval Leadership merged with the Center for Personal and Professional Development. This new organization increased efficiencies and now serves as the central authority for U.S. Navy training for leadership, professional and personal development training and support.

CPPD's mission is to develop and deliver education and training opportunities that build personal, professional and leadership competencies to achieve fleet readiness. As a center of excellence, CPPD's vision is to inspire Sailors, their families and DoD personnel to unparalleled levels of personal and professional achievement.

Through a variety of programs and services, CPPD teaches Sailors to assess risk and apply critical thinking skills to make sound personal and professional decisions. It additionally develops instructors by creating solid foundational teaching skills and inspiring the confidence to deliver world-class training to the fleet.

CPPD's leadership training is delivered multiple times throughout a Sailor's career via command-delivered enlisted leadership training material and officer leadership courses in a schoolhouse setting, giving maritime professionals the tools to lead with courage, respect and trust, and mentor future leaders to do the same.

Additionally, CPPD's voluntary education program is a conduit for equipping Sailors with strong analytical skills, the ability to make informed decisions, and avenues to pursue their life-long educational and credentialing goals.

CPPD equips Sailors to think critically, act responsibly and lead proactively to meet ever changing global challenges as maritime professionals. As such, the Center is committed to developing Sailors strong in moral courage who exemplify Navy core values, and embody equal opportunity and personal and professional accountability.

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