AEGIS Training and Readiness Center
Commanding Officer

Captain David G. Zook

U. S. Navy
Commanding Officer
AEGIS Training and Readiness Center
Senior Enlisted Advisor

FCCM (SW) Shawn M. Harrell

Senior Enlisted Leader
AEGIS Training and Readiness Center
The AEGIS Training and Readiness Center Crest


Shield: Azure, a chief wavy argent, overall an anchor surmounted by a breastplate charged with the head of Medusa or and issuing there from saltirewise four lightning bolts of the second.

Crest: On a wreath of the colors, argent and azure, issuing from two wavy bars, azure above argent, an open book proper edged or and bound of the second charged with the AEGIS Radar shape proper all in front of a trident gules, and issuing from either side a launched missile proper, all in front of a cloud argent.


The complete coat of arms, in full color as in the blazon, upon a white oval, all contained within a dark blue border edged with gold rope on the outside and inscribed "AEGIS TRAINING AND READINESS CENTER" at the top and "DAHLGREN, VIRGINIA" at the bottom in gold.


Shield: Blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy and are symbolic of the sea and excellence. The white wavy chief and the blue shield stand for the air, surface, and subsurface aspects of the sea or the combat areas of the cruiser. The word "aegis" means "protection" or "defense" and is mainly associated with Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom and patron deity of war. The Aegis or breastplate of Athena is emblematic of power and majesty and has the head of Medusa fixed upon it because the head of Medusa, according to Greek myth, turned all beholders to stone. The Aegis of Athena is doubly symbolic, indicating both defensive and offensive capabilities. The AEGIS system enables a ship to engage multiple targets simultaneously and the four lightning bolts symbolize this hostile electronic environment. Also, the bolts represent the four basic warfare areas: anti-war warfare, antisubmarine warfare, surface warfare, and amphibious warfare. The anchor supporting the Aegis represents the AEGIS Combat System aboard CG 47 Class Cruisers.

Crest: AEGIS Training is represented by the open book. On the open pages is the AN/SPY-1A Radar System; the AEGIS system’s primary air, surface, and fire control radar. The two launched STANDARD Missiles refer to the offensive posture of AEGIS. Sea power is symbolized by the trident and the clouds and blue and white wavy bars allude to air and sea combat.

Mission and Vision