AEGIS Training and Readiness Center

ATRC Joint Travel Regulation

Joint Travel Regulation U4250 regulates payment for commercial lodging for temporary duty (TAD) of 30-179 days.

A reduced flat-rate per diem of 75% applies ($97.00 per day), for commercial meals and lodging, when a traveler is assigned long-term TDY. If you are TAD less than 30 days or in government quarters, %100 of per diem will be authorized.

You must contact Navy Gateway Inn Suites (NGIS) in Dahlgren, VA (540)653-7671. If government lodging in not available, NGIS will assist you in finding commercial lodging.

If necessary, you may be authorized actual lodging, up to 100% of the per diem rate, in accordance with par. 4130 and 4155, but the M&IE is paid at the 75% rate regardless of your lodging rate. Contact NGIS or Mr. Ray Hamlet (540)653-1898 if you have questions.