Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers School

- Do you meet class prerequisites; If No, please obtain the prerequisites before applying for class or provide additional information on how you plan to obtain prerequisites.

- If Yes, do you have an eNTRS account to register for class?

1. How to Obtain an eNTRS Account (STUDENT)
2. Update Student Data
3. Making a Request for a Class Reservation

The following courses will still use the PDF form as they do not have CINs or CDPs associated with them.

Energy Manager Training Program
Facilities Energy Management Course CDP 9555 CIN:A-4A-0037
HAZWOPER for Uncontrolled Hazardous Waste Site Workers-Refresher (ON-LINE) Quota Request 740X A-4A-0094

If you do not have a CAC card, DOD ID or not able to set up an eNTRS account, please contact cecos_registrars@navy.mil with the subject titled the "course name, CIN, and CDP". And content with date of class and any other further information.