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Basic Course Information

The current "A" and "C1" Schools Formal Course listing can be found in the Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC) and reservations can be made via eNTRS.

For scheduling, information, and quota control on SCBT (Special Construction Battalion Training) and Disaster Recovery (DRS) SCBT Courses contact NAVCONSTRACEN Scheduling Office or First Naval Construction Division (NCG1) Quota Control Office. The telephone numbers are found on the Contacts Menu.

CANTRAC Information:

CLICK HERE (CETARS CAC Login) to reach the site and follow the directions below to access CANTRAC:

Enter the site as NON CAC
Choose CANTRAC Volume II
Choose NON CAC again
Enter information in DEERS Login
Follow search engines/help info to find the info you need.

eNTRS Information:

eNTRS is the Program that is used to book schools. You may request access to eNTRS to see and request quotas directly from the web using the following link: eNTRS Login (PIN required).

Choose "Request Access" on the login page, and follow the instructions to get requester access for your UIC.

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Course Catalog

The following courses are taught at the Naval Construction Training Center, Port Hueneme, California. Additional information on courses is available on CANTRAC at

A & C Formal Courses:

Construction Planning and Estimating A-412-0012
Advanced Engineering Aid A-412-0027
Expeditionary Shore Based Chemical Biological Radiological Defense Operations Specialist A-494-0006
Construction Mechanic A School A-610-0022
Construction Mechanic C School A-610-0054
Advanced Diagnostics and Shop Management A-610-0053
Construction Inspector A-710-0022
Builder C School A-710-0057
Steelworker C School A-711-0030
Welding Supervisor A-711-0031
Tool & Equipment Maintenance Specialist A-710-0010
Utilitiesman C School A-720-0041
Construction Electrician C School A-721-0038
Equipment Operator C School A-730-0049
Water Well Drilling Technician A-730-0014
Blasting & Quarry Operations Technician A-730-0019
Blasting & Quarry Operations Technician Refresher A-730-0021
Crane Operator A-730-0050

SCBT (Special Construction Battalion Training)
D and F Schools:
Command Center Staff CBR-D Operations A-494-0007
CBR-D Personal Protection & Decontamination A-494-0008
CBR Team Training A-494-0009
Mobile Crane Mechanic A-610-0041
Mechanical Crane Inspector A-610-0042
Crane Mechanic A-610-0043
Powder Actuated Tools A-710-0038
Heavy Construction I A-710-0044
Heavy Construction II A-710-0045
CMCT Crew Leader A-710-0051
CMCT Supervisor A-710-0052
Load Test Director A-730-0031
General Crane Safety A-730-0035