Navy Supply Corps School

Commanding Officers Joint Aviation Supply and Material Management (COJASMMM-MTT)
CIN A-8B-0037 (CDP 07MC)

The Commanding Officer's Joint Aviation Supply and Maintenance Material Management (COJASMMM) is part of the Aviation Commanding Officer Training (AVCOT) course taught at Naval Aviation Schools Command (NAVAVSCOLSOM) in Pensacola, FL, and was developed to provide guidance and training to prospective Commanding and Executive Officers (PCOs and PXOs). The purpose of the course is to develop awareness at the executive level of aviation supply and maintenance material management concepts, policies and procedures to improve aircraft readiness. Topics include: teamwork of the maintenance and supply personnel, NAMP management, Aviation Maintenance trends, problem areas, aviation funding, AVCAL allowancing, and local material support procedures.

The course is designed for Navy and Marine Corps Officers, Prospective Commanding Officers and Executive Officers, typically 0-4 and above. The uniform of the day is as prescribed by Naval Aviation Schools Command.

For additional information, you may call 401-841-4800.

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