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Mailing address:

ATTN: (Person's name or department here)
740 FLETCHER ROAD SUITE 100 Bldg. 362
MERIDIAN MS 39309-5040

Helpful Phone Numbers (DSN Prefix:637)

Command Duty Officer (601) 479-8016

Command Ombudsman (601) 479-8489 or email:

Administrative Office (601) 679-2902/2721

Student Control (601) 679-2991/2992

FOIA Coordinator (601) 679-3084

Training Officer (601) 679-2138

Course Supervisors

YN "A" (601) 679-2586
YN "C" (601) 679-3481
PS "A" (601) 679-2586
AZ "A" (601) 679-2739/2624
LS "A" (601) 679-2415/2657
SH "A" (601) 679-2882

To send feedback about a course, click here. You will have the opportunity to give your input directly to the command. Please state the course for which you are providing feedback. Be as descriptive as possible when providing feedback, giving examples to illustrate what you think is good or bad about the training that the Marine or Sailor that you are reporting on has received. Offer possible solutions to the things that you see as problems.

If you are representing a command that is expecting a student from one of our schools and need to relay a message to him or her, click here.

If you are in receipt of orders to NTTC Meridian as a staff member, click HERE to E-mail the NTTC Sponsor Coordinator for information about your sponsor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my family members with me to 'A' School?
No. No berthing facilities are available for family members.

Can I bring my vehicle to 'A' School?
Yes. However, your vehicle must meet the requirements for Department of Defense base registration.

Will I be able to draw COMRATs while at 'A' School?
No. Messing is provided to all 'A' School students at no cost.

What type of duty will I stand while at 'A' School?
You will stand three section duty. Watches include Petty Officer of the Watch, Messenger of the Watch, phone watches, and roving security watches.

What types of recreational activities are available?
The base has a bowling alley, recreation center with dancing, gym, golf course, intramural sports leagues, fishing available at 16 lakes on the base, a small theater, computer center with internet services, library, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

What will our liberty hours be?
Phase 1 Liberty: 10:00 p.m. everyday. Phase 1 students are students from RTC
Phase 2 Liberty: SUN-THURS-10:00 p.m. FRI and SAT-12:00 a.m.
Phase 2 students are Fleet returnees with no warfare pin and RTC students with 14 days in Phase 1
Phase 3 Liberty: SUN-THURS-10:00p.m. FRI and SAT-OVERNIGHT.
Phase 3 students are Fleet returnees with warfare pin and all other students in Phase 2 for 21 days
All E-5 and below must sign out on liberty. E-3 and below must sign out on liberty with another liberty partner. E-6 and below are strongly encouraged to have a liberty partner.

What is the drinking age in Mississippi?
You must be at least 21 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages.

What uniform items must I bring with me to 'A' School?
You must bring a complete sea bag if you are arriving from Recruit Training. Fleet Returnees must bring a full seasonal seabag.

Is public transportation available?
Yes. Cab services are available on and off base. Bus service is available on weekends and is much less expensive than the cabs.

While I'm at 'A' School, can I go to New Orleans or other places on weekends?
Absolutely. As long as you do not have duty. You must get permission from your chain of command prior to going more than 125 miles from the base.

I have family living in Mississippi. May I stay with them on weekends?
Yes, as long as you do not have duty and you have progressed to Phase 3 liberty. Again, permission must be obtained from your chain of command prior to departing.

If I'm coming from a Fleet command, what are my liberty restrictions?
Liberty restrictions will be explained upon your arrival to NTTC. Sailors are placed in one of three liberty "phases" depending upon their experience and time in the Navy.

Do we PT at 'A' School?
Yes, three days a week as directed by the CNO.

May I bring my civilian clothes with me to 'A' School?
Yes. Provocative clothes and t-shirts that display drugs or violence are prohibited.

Will I get leave once I graduate from 'A' School?
Yes. Normally 14 days is authorized after graduation. The Navy will provide you transportation from Meridian, MS to your next duty station only. If you choose to take leave, you will be responsible for any additional cost in transportation to your leave address and to your new duty station.

Can my family come to my graduation?
Yes, however it is difficult to predict exactly what day a student will graduate in a self-paced 'A' school.

Will I continue to receive my basic allowance for housing (BAH) while attending 'A' School?
No. Since housing is provided while attending 'A' School, housing allowance is not authorized. However, if you have specific questions regarding your entitlements, please contact your local disbursing office prior to your detachment from your current command.

I am eligible to take the next advancement exam. Will I be able to take the exam while at 'A' School?
Yes, if you are eligible. Your command must order an exam for you, to be forwarded to this command.

Who can family members contact if they have questions?
In addition to the Command representatives found on the "Contacts" page, family members can correspond with our Ombudsman--family members who have been officially appointed by the Commanding Officer to serve as information links between command leadership and Navy families. Our ombudsman can be reached at:

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Command History
President Richard M. Nixon joins Senator John C. Stennis at the  Dedication Ceremony of Naval Technical Training Center, also known as the Stennis Center, at NAS Meridian, Mississippi.
Above: President Richard M. Nixon joins Senator John C. Stennis at the Dedication Ceremony of Naval Technical Training Center, also known as the Stennis Center, at NAS Meridian, Mississippi.



Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC), Meridian, Mississippi was dedicated in April 1973 and commissioned April 17, 1974. However, the first aviation schools began arriving from Naval Aviation Technical Training Command, Memphis, Tennessee in August 1972.

The Aviation Maintenance Administration students enrolled and commenced training on September 5, 1972 and graduated on October 22, 1972. Shortly after NTTC Meridian’s dedication, the Aviation Storekeeper School convened its first class, beginning the school’s transition from Memphis. In addition, two Marine clerical schools, the Marine Aviation Supply Mechanized School, and the Marine Aviation Operations Specialist School moved to Meridian from Memphis.

Upon commissioning, the Stennis Center (named for U.S. Senator John C. Stennis of Mississippi) was officially tasked with the mission of providing training to Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel in the technical phases of Naval Administration and other related subjects as directed by the Chief of Naval Operations.

On May 1, 1974, Marine Aviation Training Support Squadron-903 was commissioned. The primary mission of MATTS-903 was to provide administrative, logistic, and personnel support to the Marine Corps students at NTTC Meridian. The title for the Marine Aviation Training Support Squadron-903 was subsequently changed to the Marine Aviation Training Support Group (MATSG), and the squadron was officially renamed Marine Aviation Training Support Squadron One in August 1999.

In September 1974, the Storekeeper, Disbursing Clerk, Yeoman, and Personnelman schools were consolidated at NTTC Meridian from San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida. Construction of the 9 million dollar Stennis Center paralleled the schools’ consolidation and was completed in May 1975. The Stennis Center consists of two school buildings, an administrative building, and seven bachelor enlisted quarters, occupying approximately 50 acres on the Naval Air Station and accommodating a maximum of 900 students.

In April 1988, the Religious Program Specialist Schools were transferred to NTTC Meridian from NTTC Treasure Island, San Francisco, California. The Yeoman Flag Writer Class “C1” Course (canceled October 1996, reinstated in the Fall of 1999) relocated from Memphis, and moved to Meridian in September 2001. In October 2002, the Aviation Storekeeper and Storekeeper schools were merged and taught as one course. In October 2009, the Storekeeper and Postal Clerk schools were merged into the Logistics Specialist school taught at NTTC. In January 2010, the last Religious Program Specialist student was transferred and the Religious Program Specialist School was relocated to Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

NTTC Meridian led the Chief of Naval Operations’ Revolution in Training, and remains at the forefront of Naval Training Innovation.


An assignment at Naval Technical Training Center Meridian will provide any Sailor a wealth of opportunities both personally and professionally. We are located in East Central Mississippi onboard Naval Air Station Meridian. Not the typical Navy assignment on the piers at 32nd street in San Diego nor NOB Norfolk. The base is in a rural location surrounded by lush pine forests. We are 3 hours away from Memphis, Tennessee or New Orleans, Louisiana, and 5 hours away from Atlanta, Georgia. We enjoy "small Town" America life with the benefit of a short drive to reach "big city" conveniences. The command is directly responsible for the Sailorization, Naval and technical training for more than 2,000 Sailors a year. Our team of highly professional instructors provide exceptional hands-on training in a blended environment of Computer Based and Instructor led training.

Sailors in the Yeoman, Personnel Specialist, Ships Serviceman and Logistics Specialist ratings arrive directly from Recruit Training Command Great Lakes motivated and ready to learn. Instructors at Naval Technical Training Center Meridian are in front of the classrooms and immediately start the new Sailor off with an intensive 5 day indoctrination program consisting of Naval Military Training, Watchstanding Job Qualification Requirements, Personal Financial Management, Bystander Intervention Training and general required military training.

Once indoctrination is completed, new students are assigned to a classroom and commence their rate training on state-of-the-art equipment. Rate training is conducted by Civilian instructors and supplemented by military staff. Rate training is blended with Computer Based Training and military led lab built to Fleet specification to provide a hands-on instructional approach to learning real world scenarios.

We believe that training isn't an 8 hour a day endeavor, but part of a life long learning process. Our instructor staff doesn't pass on an opportunity to provide 24/7 training to our student population. Watchstanding, military customs and traditions, professional education, physical fitness and wellbeing, and personal development are all encompassed on a daily basis. We also enjoy a robust partnership with our surrounding communities, enabling the military-to-civilian community relationship to flourish. Each year our students and instructors participate in thousands of hours of volunteer community service projects. Our community service program is so innovative, the command won 3 community service flagship awards and the Navy's Bainbridge Award for outstanding community support for 2009, and Naval Technical Training Center Meridian is a strong contender to win every year!

Bottom line: Eveyone has heard Selection Board debriefs, and the basic prerequisites do not change. Selection for promotion is determined by demonstrated superior performance, leadership and professional and personal development. An assignment at Naval Technical Training Center will provide you with the opportunity to earn your Naval Military Training Instructor NEC (9502), Master Training Specialist designation, and showcase your leadership ability to shape the face of our future warfighting forces. You will also have the opportunity to become an ambassador in our surrounding communities, and learn the skill sets to take to your next command and share the rich traditions our Navy enjoys within our civilian communities.

Our community also boasts of multiple educational opportunities for military members who receive orders to the local area:

Mississippi State University - Meridian is an upper-division degree granting campus offering junior, senior, and graduate - level study.

Meridian Community College offers General Education calsses 2 year programs, University transfer, Community Education courses, and online courses.

East Mississippi Commnity College is a public community college serving six counties in East Central Mississippi, offering university-parallel programs, career-technical programs, and workforce programs.


All billets at NTTC Meridian instruct Sailors and therefore require the instructor duty screening (complete NAVPERS 1306/92). You will be delayed from enrolling at the Journeyman Instructor Training course (JIT) unless you staisfy all requirments of the screening to include PFA review and a current favorable Personal Security Investigation.

Billets available:

We are always looking for highly motivated Sailors in the Yeoman, Personnel Specialist, Ships Serviceman and Logistics Specialist ratings; but you don't have to be just in the Admin and Supply ratings to join the Naval Technical Training Center Meridian team. We also have opportunities for GSMCs, HTs, DCs, and BMs.

We also have 2 open General Duty Female (9999) billets available. These are billets designated as First (or Second) Class PO's. If you are a hard chargin female Sailor and desire duty at NTTC Meridian, contact your detailer to get released to special programs. The special programs detailer will get you orders here.

So if you're wanting a proven path to advancement and think you have what it takes to excel in a challenging environment, call your detailer today and apply for one of the most rewarding assignments you'll enjoy in your Naval career. We look forward to having you as part of the Team!