Naval Submarine School

Dual Graduations of Basic Enlisted Submarine School

GROTON, Conn (November 30, 2012) - Eighty-five Sailors, "Class 13020", USS Toledo (SSN-769), and twenty-five from Turtle, "Class 13030", graduated in joint ceremonies from Basic Enlisted Submarine School, Friday, 30 November.

FT1 (SS) Brandolf Schlieper, MM2 SS) John Cook, and STS2 (SS) James Frazier were Class 13020 instructors while STS1 (SS) Joseph Bechtold and ET2 (SS) David Sidorakis were instructors for Class 13030.

CS3 Michael Marinelli was Class 13020 Honorman with a 98.20 Grade Point Average and also received the Navy Core Values Award as best exemplifying the standards and expectations of a United States Navy Sailor.

SA Michael Avila was Class Leader and the recipient of the Heritage Award.

SR Caleb Edwards was meritoriously advanced because of his academic achievement.

Both Edwards and Avila continue in Apprentice Team Training, ATT.

For Class 13030, CSSN Lucas Beattie was Class Honorman with a 95.90 Grade Point Average.

YNSN Christopher Grommes received the Navy Core Values Award and Class Leader YN3 Johnathan Citizen received the Heritage Award

CSSR Evan Earnest was meritoriously advanced.

With Grade Point Averages exceeding 90.0, SA Anthony Paris, SA Erick Sewell, SR Jacob Vanarsdall, ET1 (SW/EXW) Jordan Barrett and SA Morgan Binkley, Class 13020 and YNSN Christopher Gromme and EM3 Warren Saunders, Class 13030, were selected as Graduates with Distinction.

Basic Enlisted Submarine School is a six-week introduction to the basic theory, construction and operation of nuclear powered submarines. In preparation for an assignment, Sailors receive instruction on shipboard organization, submarine safety and escape procedures.