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The Fleet Training Liaison office is the primary point of contact for a command's Training Officer and Schools Coordinator for questions regarding command requirements, schools availability, class convening's and training facilities locations. The TSC Fleet Liaison office also provides ongoing training and assistance for training management programs such as eNTRS, CANTRAC, and FLTMPS.

Surface Training Officers are encouraged to attend Training Officer Course G-7B-0200 at Afloat Training Group Atlantic (ATGLANT) upon assignment to duty as a Training Officer, as well as individual one-on-one training with the Training Support Center Fleet Liaison Staff to receive instruction on command requirements and tracking programs such as FLTMPS and eNTRS. Support from the Fleet Liaison does not end with the indoctrination class, Training Officers and Schools Coordinators are encouraged to establish an ongoing relationship with Fleet Liaison. Commands should feel free to contact the Fleet Liaison Office with any questions or inquires about anything regarding training, training programs or the training process.

Additionally, the TSC Fleet Liaison office provides a monthly training bulletin available to all commands that subscribe. This monthly bulletin provides course information, updates and other happenings in the training community. To subscribe please email your request to: TSCHRFLEETTLO@NAVY.MIL

The Fleet Training Liaison Office located in room 128 on the 1st floor of Building N30, Naval Base Norfolk.

1474 Gilbert St
Bldg N-30, Rm 128
Norfolk, Va

Fleet Liaison Contact Information


CeTARS Website:

FLTMPS Website:

Quota Requests:

The Centralized Quota Control Office (CQC) is the primary point of contact for schools requests in the Navy Region Southeast and Mid Atlantic. Training quotas can be requested using eNTRS, which is the preferred method. Norfolk area quotas can also be requested via fax Commercial (757) 492-5363 (DSN 492-5363), email TSCHRQUOTAS@navy.mil. If Units are unable to access email or the web, phone requests will be accepted, Commercial - (757) 492-5363 (DSN 492-5335).

General Business Rules

Course Prerequisites. The requesting command is responsible for verifying that students meet course prerequisites. Course prerequisites can be found in the CANTRAC. Students who do not meet prerequisites will be returned to their command, and will result in a Missed Training Opportunity (MTO) Message sent to the requesting command.

No Name Quota Requests. NO-NAME quota requests are granted for Team Trainer courses wherein the students are blocked as a team to the command UIC. NO-NAME quotas can also be temporarily used to hold a seat for some Non-NEC awarding courses. Unit Training Officers must provide names and the last four numbers of the social security number or DODID to officially fill NO-NAME requests. This must be done no less than 14 days prior to the course convening date. Failure to do so will result in quota cancellation without further command notification.

NEC Awarding Courses. Detailers release unfilled seats for NEC awarding courses to the CQC 90, 60, and 30 days prior to class convening dates.

Fair Share. CQC reserves the right to ensure quotas are allocated appropriately based on learning center resources and fleet requirements. Commands requesting to exceed requirements as outlined in NTMPS are required to add justification upon quota request. Quota requests for high demand and contracted courses are prioritized in support of deploying units and will be validated in NTMPS.

Cancellation Requests should be forwarded to Centralized Quota Control no later than 5 working days prior to class convening date via eNTRS, email, Naval message or FAX. Phone cancellations will be accepted but provides requestor with no documentation. Failing to cancel or substitute reservations in a timely manner will result in an MTO message. For more information contact: tscsd.quotas@navy.mil

CANTRAC Information:

Information on all Navy courses can be found in CANTRAC. CLICK HERE to reach the site and follow the directions below to access CANTRAC:

Enter information in MNP Login
Follow search engines/help info to find the info you need.

eNTRS Information:

eNTRS is the web Program that TSCHR CQC uses to book schools. You may request access to eNTRS to view and request quotas directly from the web using the following link: https://app.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/cetars/main.cac_message

Choose "Request Access" on the login page, and follow the instructions to get requester access for your UIC.

For Training on how to use the eNTRS Program, please contact Fleet Liaison at 757-445-7353 ext 1100, or email TSCHRFLEETTLO@Navy.mil.

Contact Information:

The Training Support Department is located on the 2nd floor of Building N-30 Naval Station Norfolk:
1474 Gilbert St.
Bldg N-30
Norfolk, Va. 23511-2594

Reserved parking is available for Training Officers in front of Building N-30.


MAIN OFFICE: 757- 445 - 7353 option 3
OFFICE FAX: 757- 445 - 7375

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