The mission of TSD WESTPAC is to serve as the training conduit to assist commands in meeting as many of the schoolhouse training requirements as possible in the local area.

We strive to keep sailors in their home ports, thereby saving money, increasing quality of life while still providing the highest quality training available.

The primary mission of TSD WESTPAC is to provide student support, to ensure that Learning Center instructor personnel can focus on content and the delivery of customer-required training. We also serve as the single source of training information for command Training Officers. Our secondary mission is to provide administrative and supply support to Learning Center staffs, as requested by their associated Learning Centers.


  • Advertise all courses scheduled for convening in WESTPAC
  • Provide commands a single point of contact for training requests
  • Serve as Central Quota Control for courses convening in WESTPAC
  • Coordinate all training being imported to WESTPAC from Learning Center providers from other locations
  • Provide classroom and administrative support for Learning Center instructors traveling to WESTPAC for the purpose of training
  • Provide regular training for command Training Officers and Training Coordinators in NTMPS, FLTMPS, and eNTRS
  • Conduct quarterly scheduling meetings, in conjunction with ATG WESTPAC, to assist ships of FDNF balance their school and underway training requirements against operational commitments
  • Provide classroom support for Navy Campus and other commands in need of a place to provide training
Command Officer

Captain Michael S. Feyedelem
Commanding Officer,
Training Support Center San Diego
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander Justin M. Santos
Executive Officer,
Training Support Center San Diego

Mr. Robert Moore

Contact List

ATGWP Commanding Officer (DSN) 315-243-6108
Director (DSN) 315-243-6115
Fleet Liaison (DSN) 315-243-6127
High Risk Safety Officer (DSN) 315-243-6127
Admin/Student Management (DSN) 315-243-6110
Facilities Manager (DSN) 315-243-7871
CeTARS Coordinator (DSN) 315-243-6110
FAX - DSN 315-243-5164
FAX - Comm 81-46-816-5164
TSD/ATG WESTPAC Quarterdeck (DSN) 315-243-6111

SWOS Eng Learning Site OIC (DSN) 315-243-7853
IWTS Learning Site OIC (DSN) 315-243-3383
CSCS Learning Site OIC (DSN) 315-243-8920
CSF Learning Site OIC (DSN) 315-243-2530
CNATT Learning Site OIC (DSN) 315-246-4860
NETC GST (DSN) 315-243-6123

Commercial phone access number from CONUS to Japan: 011 (International), followed by 81 (Japan), followed by 46-816-XXXX (last four digits of the DSN number), i.e. Director is 011-81-46-816-6115.

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