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HRO Organizational Chart Command Deputy Equal Employment Opportunity Officer Equal Employment Opportunity Training/Performance Management Workforce Shaping (Staffing & Class) Labor/Employee Relations Human Resources Director Org Chart Business Operations Site Operations
HRO Logo NETC Human Resources Office NETC Logo
Human Resources Director Organizational Chart Business Operations Workforce Shaping (Staffing & Class) Labor/Employee Relations Training/Performance Management Equal Employment Opportunity Site Operations Human Resources Director Biography
HRO Logo NETC Human Resources Office NETC Logo
Develop procedures, interpret policies, provide advice, and counsel to activities supported by NETC HRO on matters pertaining to Equal Employment Opportunity

HRO Logo Business Operations NETC Logo
Provide communications and advice to the NETC HRO serviced commands on various administrative related employee programs and services.

HRO Logo Workforce Shaping Department NETC Logo
Develop program policy, standard operating procedures, guidance, and advice to activities supported by NETC HRO on matters pertaining to Workforce Shaping

HRO Logo Labor/Employee Relations Department NETC Logo
Administer programs, interpret policies, provide regulatory guidance, and advice to activities supported by NETC HRO on matters pertaining to Labor/Employee Relations

HRO Logo Training & Employee Development Department NETC Logo
Staff assist Federal civilian workforce obtain training and career development needs

HRO Logo Business Operations NETC Logo
  • Receive and monitor timely responses to administrative and HR data calls from NETC HQ and OCHR.
  • Maintain and update civilian human resources manual, regulations, instructions, and operation policies.
  • Provide courtesy customer assistance with Decedent Affairs matters, as needed.
  • Publish notices from Civilian Benefits Center for distribution to NETC employees domain-wide.
  • Provide guidance on Quality of Work/Life – (health, wellness, telework, etc.).
  • Provide courtesy customer guidance on Drug Free Workplace Program (DFWP).
  • Provide customer guidance on Length of Service Awards/Service Pins.
  • Provide customer guidance on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
  • Maintain Government Commercial Purchase Card (GCPC) activity for NETC HRO operations.
  • Provide customer guidance and assistance with Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP).
  • Facility Management (maintenance, keys, equipment, supply inventory, safety, security, etc.).
HRO Logo Workforce Shaping Department NETC Logo
Workforce shaping – Advising customers and ensuring appropriate coordination on issues related to changing the characteristics of the workforce in a purposeful way, including organization design, position management, succession planning, transfer of function, and other available Workforce Shaping tools to assist command leadership and their employees during restructuring initiatives.
  • Adhere to the OCHR charter for HROs to ensure proper handling of Request for Personnel Actions.
  • Develop and implement all effective regulations, instructions and standard operating policies.
  • Advise customers regarding appropriate staffing regulations, instructions and policies.
  • Strategic Planning – Provide directions associated with designing, developing, implementing, tracking recruitment, develop and retain talent needed to accomplish the assigned mission.
  • Networking/Outreach – Working with community groups, universities, professional associations and other DON and government activities to deliver effective HR/EEO services.
  • Execute Position Classification role and responsibilities – NETC commands are non-Managing to Payroll.
  • Wage Grade Surveys – Provide information and support for the completion of federal wage surveys.
  • Review and determine Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention (3Rs) incentives meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide advice on major changes affecting staffing programs (i.e., RIF, transfer of functions, reorganizations, changes in work assignments, workload, and planned increases in personnel).
  • Provide technical training on changes in rules and regulations impacting staffing and placement.
  • Make tentative job offer and execute assigned role with pre-employment via automated USAJOBS Onboarding Manager feature. Verify new hire employment status using E-verify. Collaborate with command liaisons on the in-processing new hires to the federal government, including unexpected pay related issues.
  • Provide guidance and advice to management on the use of various Special Employment Programs to include wounded warrior candidates for retraining opportunities, person with disabilities for employment consideration in support of the mandated DoD Hiring Reform Initiatives.
  • Provide guidance and advice on Military Spouse Preference Employment and Employment of Reemployed Annuitants.
  • Primary POC to process requests for DCPDS account activation and HR data reports via HR Link.
HRO Logo Labor/Employee Relations Department NETC Logo
Employee Relations: Function involves the body of work concerned with maintaining employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation and morale. It encompasses programs that enforce workplace rules and resolve various workplace issues.
  • Conduct basic training for supervisory personnel on all aspects of Labor and Employee Relations
  • Maintain disciplinary and union case files, labor and employee relations research tools and data bases.
  • Address Time & Attendance and Leave Administration
  • Provide management and guidance on the development of Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) based on unacceptable performance and other related activity.
Labor Relations: Function deals with formal labor-management relations between an employer and unions concerning conditions of employment.
  • Provide advice and guidance to management and employees on all applicable regulations instructions and policies to include negotiated labor agreements and the Civil Service Reform Act Title VII.
  • Disciplinary and Adverse Actions – Manages and process disciplinary and adverse action, including providing advice and guidance and negotiating settlements and alternative discipline agreements.
  • Grievance – Manage and process informal and formal administrative and negotiated grievances, including advice and guidance, early resolution efforts and negotiating settlements per instructions.
  • Labor-Management Partnerships – Provide advice on leading and facilitating labor management partnerships to build more cooperation and effective labor-management interactions.
  • Third Party Representation – Representative in arbitration cases and EEO/MSPB hearings by providing advice and guidance, negotiating settlements, responding to discovery and coordinating compliance with third party decisions and orders.
  • Administer Federal Employee Compensation Act (FECA) Program/Workers’ Compensation Program. Manage caseload, new claims, maintain records and assist in settlement negotiations associated with the workers’ compensation program.
  • Administer Unemployment Compensation Claims
  • Promote availability of the Civilian Employee Assistance Program (CEAP); coordinate responses to CEAP related data calls, when required.
HRO Logo Training & Employee Development Department NETC Logo
Involves comprehensive workforce training initiative to provide the right career development tools and training resources needed to attract and retain a strong civilian workforce.
  • Develop and implement employee development and training instructions and guidance.
  • Provide guidance and advice to management on the processes associated with purchasing and scheduling training; monitor enrollment; and in consultation with vendor management.
  • Delivery – Course/classroom work associated with the delivery of training, including the preparation for training and instruction, development of training materials and set-up of facilities. Direct training delivery usually involves management, supervisory and HR-related training.
  • Plan and Design – Using surveys, the Annual Training Plan (ATP), IDP or other methods/tools to effectively analyze training needs assessment. Coordinate annual mandatory training requirements.
  • Control training activity calendar and schedule the usage of NETC HRO MIC Room via NETC Central.
  • Distribute announcement of all training (electronic/ hardcopy) website(s), etc. and search for course availability, including establish partnership with the servicing OCHR Training Center.
  • Assist with documentation of completed training in employee EOPF, and communicate with employees for input on individual career development goals that align with the assigned mission and function.
HRO Logo Equal Employment Opportunity Department NETC Logo
EEO involves providing support and advice to the Commanding Officer/Equal Employment Opportunity Officer (EEOO) responsible for ensuring that the activity provides equal opportunity in employment for all employees and applicants through clearly defined and consistently applied HR policies, practices and programs.
  • Develop and implement regulations, instructions and policies regarding the EEO Programs.
  • Provide guidance/advice on instructions and policies regarding the EEO Programs.
  • Provide guidance to commands on barrier and trend analysis and Diversity Management.
  • Manage and track informal complaint processing, formal complaint processing, request for reasonable accommodations throughout the NETC domain and respond to data calls, as required.
  • Provide guidance to Commands on Disability Programs to support requests for Reasonable Accommodation (RA), including RA Training, Workforce Recruitment Programs, and Wounded Warrior candidates.
  • Promote EEO/Diversity Awareness (POSH, Cultural displays, Special Emphasis Observances, etc.).
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(850) 452-8069
DSN 459-8069

(619) 545-3271
DSN 735-3271

(757) 433-2062/2471
DSN 433-2062/2471

(860) 694-3934
DSN 694-3934

In addition to the NETC Human Resources Office (HRO) located in Pensacola, FL, site support has been established at three different geographical locations. SWOS, CSS and SLC will be serviced by the Groton site; SEAL/SWCC, TSC San Diego, CSFE and CSCS will be serviced by the San Diego site; CPPD/VOLED, CSF, TSC HR, TSC GLKS, and NSTC will be serviced by the Norfolk site.

For the left identified NETC activities, you should direct all civilian issues (with the exception of EEO) to the appropriate site prior to initiating contact with NETC HRO.

HRO Logo Site Operations Department NETC Logo
  • Provide front-line HR Services to command leadership and employees located at remote sites throughout the domain primarily for Workforce Shaping Program needs (i.e., Classification, Recruit/Staffing/Placement, VSIP-VERA, and Reasonable Accommodation).
  • Develop and maintain positive balanced working relationships between all groups/personnel.
  • Refer managers to NETC HRO HQ for advice regarding performance management/discipline reasonable accommodations, EEO complaint activity and workers compensation.
  • Respond to general customer inquiries and/or complaints; provide clarification on HR policies and/or Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Upon request, assist L/ER and Deputy EEO Officer with coordinating disciplinary actions with managers like ADR decisions, written reprimands, suspensions, pay sanctions and terminations, for example.
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