By air you will arrive at the San Diego International Airport. If pickup arrangements have been made before arrival, there will be a representative from Training Support Center there to meet you. If not, the most expedient mode of travel to the Naval Base San Diego is taxi service. Taxi fare will cost approximately $40.00.

In Processing

You should go to the Naval Base San Diego, Training Support Center, International Training Office, building 3280, room 101A, phone numbers 619-556-8368/8337/8172/8340/6633. If you arrive after working hours (Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) then report to the International Training Office before 8:00 a.m. on the first working day after arrival. If located at another base, the International Training Officer will arrange to meet you.

You will be given an arrival brief by the International Training Officer to include discussion of the Field Studies Program and rights and responsibilities of International Trainees.

At this time, you will receive your U.S. Military ID Card, berthing/messing arrangements and, if appropriate, undergo English Comprehension Level Testing.

If you arrive at the airport, the Duty Driver will meet you on arrival normally in the Baggage Claim Area and escort you to the appropriate Billeting Office and base for Check-in. To arrange airport pick-up, you will need to coordinate with your Security Cooperation Officer (SCO). If you arrive at TSC, San Diego directly, report to the International Training Office (Building 3280, Room 101A) during working hours, and to the TSC Duty Office in building 3290 if after working hours or on weekends and request assistance from the Duty Officer.

If you have any problems in locating the International Training Office or getting onboard the Naval Base, contact the International Training Office (phone 619-556-8368) during normal working hours or the TSC Officer of the Day (OOD) (phone 619-556-8372) during non-working hours and weekends.


Training Support Center requirements for early May - early October are uniforms equivalent to U.S. summer whites for enlisted (E-6 and below) and U.S. summer khaki for CPO's (E-7 to E-9) and officers. Requirements for early November - early April are uniforms equivalent to winter blue for enlisted (E-6 and below) and U.S. summer khaki for CPO's (E-7 to E-9) and officers. The Navy Standard Uniform, NSU, or each countries equivalent uniform, is a blue camouflage uniform that is acceptable for classroom and daily use.

Invitational Travel Orders

You must carry copies of your ITO with you. You should check this document carefully when you first receive it. Extremely important points to check are:

(1) Name. Your name as it appears on the ITO will be used on all records at TSC, San Diego. Ensure the spelling is correct and your family name/preferred name is shown in all capital letters.

All records are filed alphabetically by surname or last name. This means you will be identified by this name for record keeping purposes. Ensure your name on ITO and passport is the same.

(2) Rank. Your U.S. rank equivalent should be indicated next to your rank. U.S. rank is E-1 through E-9 for enlisted personnel, W0-1 through W0-4 for warrant officers, and 0-1 through 0-6 for officers. Some privileges are based on rank and without this information, problems could arise.

(3) Courses. Only that training specifically listed on the ITO will be given. If you believe you are to have different or additional training, check before you start your travel. That which is easy to correct before you leave your homeland is almost impossible to change later.

(4) Special Instructions. Read the special instructions carefully. These show some privileges authorized by your government. If you plan to bring your family or to drive while in the U.S., your special instructions must so indicate.

(5) Dependents. Check to ensure your dependents are authorized in your ITO. Notify TSC San Diego International Training Office to ensure berthing arrangements can be confirmed prior to bringing your dependents. Rental costs off the base are very high in San Diego.



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