Training Support at TSD WESTPAC encompasses all aspects of Fleet training requirements. Training Support includes the Fleet Liaison Department, Student Management Office, and Facilities Manager. The Fleet Liaison Office provides commands with information on their current training status and assists Ships' Training Officers/School Coordinators with FLTMPS, eNTRS, and CANTRAC. The TSD WESTPAC Student Management Administrator provides CeTARS entries for commands' course enrollment and graduation information.

The Office of the FLEET LIAISON is the PRIMARY point of contact for Commands' Training Officers and Schools Coordinators. Every Command and Staff Training Officer should meet with TSD WESTPAC to receive training on command requirements and tracking programs such as Fleet Training Maintenance and Planning System (FLTMPS) as an instrumental part of their training duties.

Fleet Management and Planning System (FLTMPS) combines multiple facilities, personnel, manpower, equipment and training courses information databases into a single, integrated database for training management and planning. It contains information specific to personnel, training requirements, and courses. Follow the link below to access FLTMPS.

FLTMPS - Fleet Training Management & Planning System (Main Page) CAC Required

Training Officers and Schools Coordinators are encouraged to establish an ongoing relationship with the Fleet Liaison. Commands should feel free to contact the Liaison Office with any questions regarding command requirements, available schools, class convenings or problems with FLTMPS and eNTRS.

eNTRS Information
Use of eNTRS is required for requesting quotas. To request access, please visit the following website: The majority of courses are requested directly from eNTRS. If difficulty is encountered with requesting quotas, check CANTRAC for request procedures or contact TSD WESTPAC Fleet Liaison Office at or 243-6127.

CANTRAC Information
Information about all Navy courses can be found in the Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC). Volume 1 provides specific information about courses and Volume 2 provides basic course, location, and Training Site information. All information pertaining to course prerequisites are available in CANTRAC.

The Training Support Center San Diego N7 office is the primary point of contact for schools requests in the western region to include California, Washington, Hawaii, Guam and Japan. The preferred method to request training quotas is by using the enterprise Navy Training Reservation System (eNTRS). Quotas may also be requested via email at or fax at 619-556-3294. If commands are unable to access eNTRS or email, phone requests will be accepted 619-556-0594 or DSN 526-0594.

General Business Rules

Fair Share: CQC reserves the right to ensure quotas are allocated appropriately based on Learning Center resources and Fleet requirements.

Course Prerequisites: Course prerequisites can be found in the Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC). Requesting commands are responsible to ensure prerequisites are met prior to requesting a quota. Students who arrive and do not meet course prerequisites may be returned to their commands and reported as a Missed Training Opportunity to the appropriate Type Commander. For courses that require a security clearance, CQC will check to ensure that eligibility and access are in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) prior to granting a quota.

Security Requirements: Adjudicated Personnel Security Investigations (PSI) within the last ten years are required for all courses that use a Department of Defense (DoD) computer network. Please validate status of prospective student with your command security officer prior to requesting quotas. Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) will be required for computer access.

No Name Quotas: No name reservations can temporarily hold seats for non-Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) awarding courses. Requesting commands must provide names 30 days prior to class convening date in order to confirm all reserved seats. Team Training Courses are the only exception, and can be blocked with no name reservations to a Unit Identification Code (UIC).

NEC Awarding Courses: Detailers release unfilled seats for NEC awarding courses to the CQC 90, 60, and 30 days prior to class convening dates.

Cancellation Requests: Due to high demand of quotas and limited training resources, cancellation requests must be received no later than 4 working days prior to convening date in order to allow reallocation of seats. Cancellations will be accepted via eNTRS, email, naval message, fax or phone.

Information on all Navy courses can be found in CANTRAC.

TSC SD Quota Contact information


General Phone
(619) 556-0594
DSN: 526-0594

Naval message address:


Fax: (619) 556-3294

Quota Control Manager
(619) 556-0838
DSN: 526-0838



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