Estimate Your Instructor Pay     
      -- or --      
(BAH):   Basic Allowance for Housing  
(CRA):   Clothing Replacement Allowance   (Enlisted Only)  
(COLA):   Cost Of Living Allowance  
  . . . . . Gross Active Duty Pay  
(RP):   Retirement Pay  
  . . . . . Minimum Instructor Pay  

The below chart uses the thirty-day-per-month formula to calculate monthly, quarterly, and 10-, 11-, and 12-month contract terms.

10-Month Contract
11-Month Contract
12-Month Contract

The applicant must also receive their Minimum Instructor Pay (MIP) letter from us. For additional information please call 703-784-3746.

(703) 784-3746 {voice}

Please note that the above figures are based on current pay scales and estimates on retired pay. As such, they are subject to change whenever congress enacts new payscales and places them into effect.


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