The information below is derived from the official Program Authorization (PA) found at the bottom of this page.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to be familiar with the PA for the option in which they are applying.



Age: STA-21 EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL (EOD) Option selectees must be at least 19 years old and be able to complete degree requirements and be commissioned prior to 30th birthday. Maximum age limit may be adjusted upward for active service on a month-for-month basis up to twenty-four (24) months. Waivers beyond 24 months will be considered for enlisted personnel who possess particularly exceptional qualifications, provided they can be commissioned prior to age 35.

Enlisted Source: EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL – EOD and Diving community applicants must have one of the following NECs: 5332/33/34/35/36/37/42/43/5931/5932, and 8493 or 8494.

Educational Requirements: Applicants are strongly encouraged to pursue technical degrees (i.e., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Oceanography, Operations Analysis, Physical Sciences, or Engineering).

Medical Standards: Applicants must pass physical qualification in accordance with Manual of the Medical Department, Chapter 15, including qualification for diving duty and/or combat swimmer.

Service Obligation: STA-21 EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL (EOD) Option selectees will incur a five-year active duty obligation upon commissioning.