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CNATT Unit Cherry Point provides aviation maintenance specialized training to operate and maintain weapon systems and sub-systems supporting:
Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance AV-8B Harrier Communities
Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance C/KC-130J Hercules Communities
Cryogenics Communities
Intermediate Level Maintenance Avionics
Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance Aviation Ordnance

Mission Ready Marines and Sailors demonstrating technical competence supported by the innovative delivery of modernized training.
 Guiding Principles

Mission, Marines, Sailors, and their families. Making the right choices in our professional duties and personal life.
Treating everyone with respect and dignity.
Striving for excellence. Training every student as if he or she would be ours in the fleet.
Initiative and Innovation.
Fostering an environment that lends itself to professional and personal growth.
Supporting the transition from non-military environment to military environment for students with families.

Measure and Improve training effectiveness.
Reduce the cost of training.
Link our families with the Marine Corps and Navy Family Networks and more specifically, with the Marine or Sailor’s follow-on command.
 Instructor Ethos

"I am an Aviation Maintenance Training Instructor. My pledge to provide these Marines and Sailors with professional training comes first. I will possess the ethos and ethics conducive of the teacher to scholar relationship. I will set the example, in any endeavor, in which these Marines and Sailors will follow. I will abide by the SOP at all costs and have the moral courage to do what is right. Training Instructors are on stage 24/7 for all to emulate. Understanding that these Marines and Sailors are learning and that it will take patience to instruct them is the virtue of professionalism that I will endure. Our legacy is the student, given the chance they too will endure as Marines and Sailors have always done. Before you, I swear this is true."
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