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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (November 6, 2019) Cryptologic Technician (Technical) 2nd Class Brandon Young, an instructor from Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Virginia Beach, teaches Fleet National Systems Support to fleet Sailors. IWTC Virginia Beach, located in Dam Neck Annex, currently offers 65 courses of instruction in information technology, cryptology, and intelligence with an instructor and support staff of 280 military, civilian, and contractors who train over 6,500 students every year. (U.S. Navy photo/Released)

Headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island, with a staff of over 400 professional instructors and educators worldwide, Center for Service Support (CSS) provides Sailors in the Naval Administration, Chaplaincy, Command Support Program Management, Human Resources, Logistics, Maintenance Coordination, Media, and Security Management communities the necessary professional skills, knowledge, and education to support the fleet’s warfighting mission. CSS also develops and delivers General Skills Training (GST) that builds personal and professional growth and development.

CSS is part of the Navy Total Force Enterprise and reports directly to Naval Education and Training Command but maintains stakeholder relationships across all the Navy Enterprises. Maintaining a continuous connection across many stakeholder paths is a challenging but critical piece of the CSS mission. As changes in organization, policy or system implementations occur that affect work accomplished in the fleet, the changes must be clearly understood across all perspectives from the change originator through the training instructor. This constant communication ensures CSS can properly define and resource any required changes to training.

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