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The amphibious dock landing ship USS Germantown (LSD 42), left, and the amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6) maneuver out of a tactical formation.
Engineering Duty Officer (EDO) School is located at Port Hueneme, California, an operating facility of Naval Base Ventura County. EDO School manages a continuum of training to provide basic and advanced instruction central to the professional development of the Navy’s engineering duty officers. It serves as a focal point for the Engineering Duty Officer (ED) Community development enabling them to apply practical knowledge and experience to integrate science, technology and design into affordable ships and systems.

EDO School touches 100% of all EDs at several points in their careers. During any given year, over 20% of the EDO community will cycle through the school either as a student or a guest speaker. This puts EDO School at front and center of a rigorous and dynamic training environment that is critical to the success of every EDO.

To further enhance the mid-career ED training, EDO School manages ED participation in the Advanced Management Program (AMP), which provides focused training in the areas of business and financial management.

EDO School provides a significant input to the New ED Captains Seminar, which provides a broadened Acquisition Corps and ED leadership perspective for newly selected ED captains.

EDO School also plays a key role in the administration of the Engineering Duty Officer Qualification Program (EDQP), which may be dubbed the “ED Apprentice Program.” This role involves assignment and support of EDQP certifying officers, participation in oral examinations, development of recommendations for changes to the Engineering Duty Officer Qualification Board (EDQB), and tracking each ED candidate’s progress through completion.
The mission of the EDO School is to improve the professional proficiency of both active-duty and Reserve Engineering Duty Officers (EDs) through training in plans, programs, policies, and procedures by which the Navy accomplishes the life cycle engineering of naval ships and systems.

NETCINST 5450.18C Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Engineering Duty Officer School
Who We Train

Navy Officers
Engineering Duty Officer (1440, 1445, 1460, 1465)

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Engineering Duty Officer School
3502 Goodspeed St. Suite 1 Building 1444
Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4336
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