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NOTE: The NETC NAVEDTRA Manuals are applicable to Training Management and Curriculum Development.
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 NETCINST 1000.1CNavy SERE Psychology Program, NETC Op Debriefer Program, and Assignment of NETC SERE Responsibilities6/2/2021
 NETCINST 1000.2CDomain Procedures for Civilian Billet Identification Number Validation6/21/2022
 NETCINST 1035.1CNETC Workforce Telework Program Guidance2/16/2023
 NETCINST 1050.1GOfficial Holiday Training Policy11/21/2022
 NETCINST 1306.1AClass Roster Submissions for Accession Sailor Duty Preference and Availability for Orders12/8/2021
 NETCINST 1320.1AHonor Graduate Orders Selection Policy10/8/2021
 NETCINST 1500.11BNavy Military Training Program8/3/2022
 NETCINST 1500.12BTraining Installation and Transfer Agreements9/14/2022
 NETCINST 1500.13DNETC High and Moderate Risk Training Safety Program7/14/2022
 NETCINST 1500.16BFirefighting Training Safety Program5/8/2023
 NETCINST 1500.17DTraining Delivery Services9/11/2023
 NETCINST 1500.19Training Requirement Submission, and Course Development, Delivery, and Maintenance End to End Process7/20/2016
 NETCINST 1500.20Training Requirements Review4/19/2016
 NETCINST 1500.21BLearning and Development Roadmaps within NETC Domain6/21/2022
 NETCINST 1500.2HMaster Training Specialist Program8/10/2020
 NETCINST 1500.3FInstitutional Accreditation5/27/2022
 NETCINST 1500.5DInstructor Qualification, Certification, and Sustainment Program3/19/2021
 NETCINST 1500.6ANETC Front End Analysis10/12/2012
 NETCINST 1500.7FFleet Missed Training Opportunity Reporting Policy and Procedures8/16/2023
 NETCINST 1510.2EStandard Operating Procedure for Processing Unused USN Training Quota Reservations9/2/2021
 NETCINST 1510.5B CeTARS Program of Record Access Policy5/27/2022
 NETCINST 1540.1JImpaired Training and Education Report Policy and Reporting11/21/2022
 NETCINST 1540.2CNETC Training Effectiveness Program3/22/2023
 NETCINST 1550.1Security Impact Level Categorization of Curriculum6/29/2020
 NETCINST 1560.1CEvaluation of Navy Training and Occupational Experience for Civilian Academic Credit7/25/2022
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 NETCNOTE 1500Fiscal Year 2026 NETC Student Input Plan Feasibility Study and Resource Planning2/21/2023
 NETCNOTE 1610Mid-Term Performance Counseling Refocus11/21/2022
 NETCNOTE 5000NETC Policy Statements11/28/2022
 NETCNOTE 5040NETC Inspection and Training Schedule6/1/2023
 NETCNOTE 5103FY24 HRTSE MRCE SOHME Schedule8/24/2023
 NETCNOTE 5200Managers Internal Control Program4/1/2022
 NETCNOTE 5215Cancellation of NETCINST 1510.3 and NETCINST 5350.2A9/11/2023
 NETCNOTE F3300Comprehensive Antiterrorism Program Reviews1/9/2023
NETCNOTE 12000NETC Business Rules for 1 April 2023 – 31 March 2024 Performance Cycle Awards7/7/2023
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NAVEDTRA 130BTask Based Curriculum Development (w CH-1)September 2009
NAVEDTRA 131BPPP Based Curriculum Development Manual (w CH-1)11/15/2010
NAVEDTRA 132Navy School Testing Program Management3/21/2011
NAVEDTRA 133ATraining Requirements Review Management ManualJanuary 2016
NAVEDTRA 134ANavy Instructor ManualAugust 2009
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 NETCSTAFFINST 11014.1CFacility Work Request Procedures11/1/2019
 NETCSTAFFINST 11240.1DManagement and use of Government Vehicles Assigned to the NETC HQ Staff11/1/2019
 NETCSTAFFINST 1601.1JStaff Watch Organization and Requirements3/28/2023
 NETCSTAFFINST 1700.1ENETC - NETSAFA Staff Welfare and Recreation Committee1/12/2022
 NETCSTAFFINST 1700.2CNaval Education and Training Command Staff Sailor of the Year and Quarter and Junior Sailor of the Quarter Program9/20/2023
 NETCSTAFFINST 1720.1ANETC Suicide Prevention Program1/25/2019
 NETCSTAFFINST 1740.1BSponsor Program and Check In/Out Procedures10/15/2014
 NETCSTAFFINST 2300.1FAdministrative Policies and Procedures for Staff Naval Messages12/18/2020
 NETCSTAFFINST 2305.1DLand Telephone and Mobile Communication Procedures (w CH-1)12/16/2015
 NETCSTAFFINST 3070.2COperations Security10/25/2019
 NETCSTAFFINST 3120.1NETC Staff Organization Manual3/22/2023
 NETCSTAFFINST 4400.1CProcedures for Obtaining Material, Equipment, Furniture, and Minor Services10/21/2022
 NETCSTAFFINST 5060.1BRetirement or Transfer to the Fleet Reserve Ceremonies3/23/2016
 NETCSTAFFINST 5100.1CTobacco Use in the NETC Headquarters Building12/15/2015
 NETCSTAFFINST 5216.1FSignature and Message Release Authority2/7/2022
 NETCSTAFFINST 5330.1BNETC Workforce Telework Program2/16/2023
 NETCSTAFFINST 5370.1CStandards of Conduct3/15/2023
 NETCSTAFFINST 5510.1DNETC HQ Staff Information and Personnel Security Program5/2/2023
 NETCSTAFFINST 5910.1BOffice Space Control7/5/2016
 NETCSTAFFINST 7320.1Personal Property Internal Control Policies and Procedures8/12/2016
 NETCSTAFFINST 7410.1DCivilian Time and Attendance8/10/2023
 NETCSTAFFINST F3030.1ENETC Headquarters Continuity of Operations Plan3/31/2022
 NETCSTAFFINST F5500.1ENETC Headquarters Antiterrorism/Physical Security and Emergency Action Plans3/23/2023
 NETCSTAFFINST F5560.1HParking for NETC Staff Privately Owned Vehicles6/28/2023
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  NETCSTAFFNOTE 1050NETC HQ Military 2023 Holiday Schedule11/4/2022
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Form NumberRev DateSubjectGuiding Directive
 1000/1Jan 15NETC Manpower Position Validation NETCINST 1000.2C
 1306/1May 20Class RosterNETCINST 1306.1A
 1500/3May 17Instructor Indoctrination ChecklistNETCINST 1500.5D
 1500/4May 17Instructor Evaluation ChecklistNETCINST 1500.5D
 1500/5July 22High-Risk Student Medical ScreeningNETCINST 1500.13D
 1500/8Apr 16NETC Prerequisite Waiver RequestNAVEDTRA 140B
 1552/1Aug 20Record of Swim QualificationNETC P1552-16
 3104/1Feb 05Request for Visual Information Services NETCINST 3104.1C
 3104/4Feb 05NETC Visual Information Script/Production Approval NETCINST 3104.1C
 4235/4May 22NETC 4235/4 NETCSTAFFINST 4400.1C
 4950/1Dec 18Escort Assessment of Field Studies Program ActivityNETCINST 4950.1F
 4950/2Dec 18International Student Field Studies Program Event Evaluation SheetNETCINST 4950.1F
 4950/3Mar 15Field Studies Program Expense Document SheetNETCINST 4950.1F
 5040/1Jan 07Inspector General Individual Consultation SheetNETCINST 5040.1C
 5200/1Jun 20Internal Control System TestNETCINST 5200.1A
 5200/2Jun 20Operational Risk Management AssessmentNETCINST 5200.1A
 5200/3Jun 20 Significant AccomplishmentsNETCINST 5200.1A
 5200/4Jun 20Material Weakness/Significant Deficiency or Status of Corrective ActionsNETCINST 5200.1A
 5216/3Apr 22NETC Brief SheetNETCINST 5216.1
 5370/1Apr 22Hotline Investigator CertificationNETCINST 5370.1D
 5510/7Nov 22Foreign Travel NotificationNETCSTAFFINST 5510.1D
 5510/8Nov 22NETC HQ Visit RequestNETCSTAFFINST 5510.1D
 5521/2Dec 22Courier RequestNETCSTAFFINST 5510.1D
 5600/4May 05Request for PrintingNETCSTAFFINST 4400.1C
 6100/3Nov 19 Civilian Employee Health and Wellness Program Voluntary Waiver for Participation and ConsentNETCINST 6100.2B
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Governed by OPNAVINST 3500.34H, the Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) Program is used by officer and enlisted personnel to obtain the minimum level of competency required to perform specific duties. A PQS is a compilation of the minimum knowledge and skills that an individual must demonstrate in order to qualify for watch standing or perform other specific routine duties necessary for the safety, security, or proper operation of a ship, aircraft, or support system. PQS is available on MyNavy Portal (MNP). Download of all PQS products is restricted to Active or Reserve Navy and Coast Guard personnel only. MNP has instructions for any other U.S. government personnel or contractors on how to request a PQS. You may also communicate with the PQS Development Group through our “Contact Us” page; use the contact form and choose “NETC PQS/RTM/NRTC Program Manager” as the recipient.

Please note:  Files must be printed out locally.  They are not available for ordering hard copies.

Log in to MyNavy Portal (CAC login required).
At the top of the page, click on “PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES."
Sailors often study NAVEDTRAs that are classified as Navy Non-Resident Training Courses (NRTC) and Rate Training Manuals (RTM) to prepare for advancement exams or expand their rating knowledge.  NRTC and RTM self-study packages are on the Navy e-Learning (NeL) and My Navy Portal (MNP) websites. Both are CAC enabled.

Navy e-Learning – (CAC log in required)

Formal course enrollment is required for assessments. On NeL, select the course catalog tab near the top of the page, and within the Learning Category, select “Navy Rate Training Courses.” NRTC and RTMs are segmented by chapter, and Sailors can choose to either save or launch the chapter. After each chapter is launched and completed, the subsequent assessment is available. All NRTC/RTM individual assessments within each chapter must be accomplished in this manner to record completion.

One of the perks is NeL will grade, offer certificates, and record completions automatically, entering them into a Sailor’s Electronic Training Jacket.

My Navy Portal – (CAC log in required)

Sailors should look under “Professional Resources,” then select “Personnel Qualifications Standards (PQS).” Downloadable PDFs provide assessment questions similar to the course completion assessment format in NeL and allow Sailors to accomplish all learning/study offline if necessary; however, credit for NRTC/RTM completion can only be accomplished now within NeL.

Contact My Navy Career Center (MNCC) Help Desk via MNP under "Help & Info" or through the amber button in the bottom right-hand corner, by calling (833) 330-MNCC or (833) 330-6622 or email for NeL enrollment questions.

NOTE: There is no workaround to accessing online training through Navy eLearning without a CAC.
For any questions on NRTCs and RTMs, please send a message through our “Contact Us” page; use the contact form and choose “NETC PQS/RTM/NRTC Program Manager” as the recipient.

Please note:  Files must be printed out locally.  They are not available for ordering hard copies.




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