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Sailors receive hands-on training inside the Damage Control Wet Trainer at Trident Training Facility at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.  The trainer is designed to help submariners prepare for deployments by simulating flooding in a controlled environment.

The Trident Training Facility Bangor (TTFB) trains officers and enlisted personnel in the knowledge and skills required to build competence and proficiency in operating and maintaining their submarines.

The TTFB provides replacement, conversion, advanced, off-crew and team training for submarine crews and submarine support personnel.

Through modernized training, the TTFB remains ready to meet today’s challenge while building highly skilled and technically proficient warfighters.

TTFB provides hands-on, learning technologies that use a variety of submarine applications, all of which provide Sailors opportunities to create training environments that continually refine their learning experiences.

TTFB is located at the installation at Bangor, Washington, as part of Naval Base Kitsap and reports to the Submarine Learning Center.

TTF Bangor Logo
Trident Training Facility Bangor
2000 Thresher Avenue
Silverdale, WA 98315
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