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Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy James Honea asks a question during an all-hands call at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Oct. 17, 2022.

Beginning in calendar year 2025, ILDC and ALDC will be a prerequisite to take the NWAE for E-6 and E-7.  CPO-LDC will be a prerequisite for advancement/selection to E-8 commencing with the Fiscal Year 2026 Selection Board.

Our Navy requires enlisted leaders who are flexible, innovative and confident. 

Senior enlisted leaders across the fleet have worked together to develop The Enlisted Leader Development (ELD) framework -- a "character focused" learning continuum for our enlisted force, based on foundational courses delivered throughout an enlisted Sailor's career, SAILOR 360, self-study, on the job training (OJT) and feedback received from coaches, mentors, and advocates.  

This training, which begins with foundational courses, places a premium on personal and professional growth through expert use of challenge, adversity, feedback and mentoring. The Enlisted Leader Development (ELD) continuum will ultimately replace the indoctrination courses previously required when selected for advancement. Rather than being event driven, ELD integrates training throughout the Sailor’s entire enlisted career. By investing in our enlisted leaders continuously, we drive each leader closer to his or her theoretical limits of performance.  

Courses are intensely interactive and are facilitated by a cadre of instructors trained and certified by the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center. They are designed to be delivered in a learning environment close to the waterfront or flight line, bringing the training to the Sailor on the deckplates. This hybrid delivery model ensures quality, flexibility and efficiency of these short duration, high-impact advanced learning experiences. 

NLEC is responsible to conduct 25% of the Navy’s needs for ELD via NLEC San Diego and NLEC Dam Neck schoolhouses. Qualified Command Navy Leader Development Facilitator (C-NLDF) and Chief Petty Officer Navy Leader Development Facilitator (CPO-NLDF) instructors throughout the fleet are designated and trained to pick up 75% of the fleet’s needs via command-hosted classes. 


What is Enlisted Leader Development (ELD)? 

ELD describes all aspects of enlisted leadership skills training, character development, decision making, self-awareness and ethics. It occurs when a member participates in leader development activities, formal education, reading or viewing leadership-related material, discussing leadership issues, observing leaders in action and performing as a leader. Effective leader development includes both formal training and self-directed study and reflection. 


What is the Navy Enlisted Leader Development Continuum (NELDC)? 

NELDC refers to the series of leader development courses and events that form the foundation of our ELD strategy. The continuum provides development opportunities at regular intervals throughout a Sailor’s career, supporting leadership growth and reflection. Learning events are tailored at each stage in the continuum to the level of a Sailor’s leadership responsibility (roles and billets) and seniority. Sailors attend courses for the pay grades and roles they are in – not designed or delivered as “indoctrination.” 

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