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Students shall report to the CNATT Detachment Eglin JSF Barracks, building 1323, in their Woodland Utility Uniform, as directed by TAD Order or Original WEB Order. Point of contact for barracks is the assistant command duty officer at (850) 883-4655. You may also call the command duty officer at (850) 490-2633.


Report to the F-35 Academic Training Center Auditorium, 1416 Lightning Way Eglin, AFB, FL 32542

Report time: No later than 6:45 a.m. 0645 for day classes, and no later than 3:45 p.m. for night classes

Uniform: Woodland Utility Uniform or seasonal uniform of the day as required

What to bring:
WEB Order (to include TAD Order)
CAC Card
Proof of Travel Advance (if required)
Daily Rate Receipt from Hotel (if using commercial lodging)
Certificate of Non-availability from The White Sands Inn (if on-base lodging unavailable)
Banking Information (for claim reimbursements)
Rental vehicle documentation (see below)


Lodging may be available on Eglin AFB, however, it is 4.5 miles from the schoolhouse, so transportation will be an issue for both on-base and off-base lodging.  Please plan accordingly.  Note, also, that walking from the eastern to western sides of Eglin is prohibited; a POV or rental vehicle is highly recommended.  PCSing members should have their admin request an Order Modification to include a rental vehicle. TAD members should coordinate with their admin in procuring transportation.  Call ahead to secure lodging on-base, as they fill up quickly.

On-base lodging is available at:

White Sands Inn, Eglin AFB – 5.7 miles               (885-882-5025)
Commando Inn, Hurlburt Field – 11.9 miles       (850-884-7115)
Duke Inn, Duke Field – 14.9 miles                         (850-682-2918)

On-base lodging is available at:

JSF Barracks, Eglin AFB             (850-883-4655)
EOD Barracks, Eglin AFB            (850-883-1363)


It is highly recommended that all students obtain travel advances prior to detaching from previous commands.  The PSD Pensacola system is backlogged and reimbursement payments can take an extended period of time to be distributed.  All documents above are required in order to properly perform your in-process check-in and get your pay items set up.  Government Travel Charge Card usage is authorized during travel while executing TAD/PCS orders.


Uniforms shall be neat and clean in appearance and not soiled during your stay; uniform inspections shall be conducted by instructors.  Uniform availability on Eglin AFB is limited, and the closest full-service Marine uniform shop is 52 miles away in Pensacola, please ensure you bring appropriate uniform items with you as they are required during your stay at CNATT Det Eglin.  Uniforms required are Woodland Utilities, Service Alpha/Bravo (Seasonal), and Green on Green PT uniforms.


During the length of the class, we will PT three times per week, and we will also be conducting check-in and checkout CFT and PFT. The only authorized attire during PT are standard issued Green on Green PT uniforms.


Finally, if you are attending this course and already have an ALIS ID assigned through your command, please contact us to provide that ALIS ID.  If you do not, you will be assigned a new ID here, to which all training completed at Eglin will be submitted.  In essence, you will only be qualified on the ID you get here and any previous quals/training attached to your command ALIS ID will not be included.
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