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Staff shall report to the CNATT Detachment Eglin JSF Barracks, building 1323, as directed by Original BUPERS Order.  Point of contact for barracks is the Assistance Command Duty Officer at 850-883-4655.  You may also call the Command Duty Officer at 850-490-2633.

Report by your NET/NLT date, unless otherwise directed.

Uniform of the day is seasonal dress uniform.


Read your orders in its entirety. Important information is within.

Contact your assigned sponsor before and throughout your PCS process.

Original BUPERS Order and any Order Modification is required.

Ensure your Original BUPERS Order is stamped by your outgoing command.

Request travel advance prior to detaching from outgoing command in order to cover any incidental charges in conjunction with your official travel. Once you detach from your outgoing command, we cannot authorize any advances when you get here.  It may be several weeks in between your arrival at CNATT Det. Eglin and completion your official travel.  You are ultimately responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses until your final claim is filed.

If you do not intend to occupy government quarters, contact your sponsor and let him/her know you need a temporary Page 13 so you can apply for advance Dislocation Allowance.

If an advance is received, print Travel Voucher Advice of Payment from

Bring all receipts (gas, hotel, etc.) even if you received a travel advance.

If you moved separately from dependents, you must also retain and carry those receipts for your final claim.

Paper Page 2 printout will be required.

You may utilize 10 days of Temporary Lodging Entitlement while searching for a place to stay. Let us know if you need this benefit when you get here.


Retain and carry any Air Mobility Command (AMC) flight paid receipt and SATO endorsement.

Retain and carry any rental car paid receipt and SATO endorsement.

You may be entitled to 10 days Temporary Lodging Allowance to closeout overseas housing quarters.  Check with your detaching command if you meet this requirement.

PPM Move

Bring all documents.  Final claim will be filed through personal property.


Housing is available on base and is managed by Corvias.  There are numerous properties for rent and/or sale in Eglin and the surrounding areas.  You can start your house hunt for properties in the following cities:
Fort Walton Beach
Gulf Breeze

Each city is unique in its offerings as far as pricing, activities, traffic, and crime are concerned.  Please contact your sponsor if you have specific questions about them.


Uniform availability on Eglin AFB is limited, and the closest full-service Navy uniform shop is 52 miles away in Pensacola.  Ensure you take appropriate uniform items with you.  You will also be required to wear your NSUs, so ensure they are ready.


Ensure your Instructor Duty Screening is completed prior to detaching from your current command.

Please note that a check-in BCA is done on the first day at NITC.  You are required to be within standards when reporting or you may be dropped.


Staff and students PT three times per week at a minimum.  You are expected to be at the forefront leading your students, so be prepared physically and bring your Navy PT uniforms in good condition.  You will be required to maintain that standard throughout your tenure at CNATT Det Eglin or you will be removed from instructor duty.


It is highly recommended that you change your Primary Care Manager for yourself and dependents at least 30 days before arriving at CNATT Det Eglin.  Please see for further instructions.

If paper medical records are available, please take them with you, as the hospital here is Air Force managed and its systems and databases are not interrelated with the Navy.
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