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All students are expected to check in at the quarterdeck in Building 11 at Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center (FLEASWTRACEN) and will be given a berthing assignment by Training Support Center (TSC) San Diego. If checking in after hours, duty TSC will provide an after hour’s room for use until the next business day. All students will check in with the Naval Military Training (NMT) staff, located on the 4th deck of Building 11, room 433B. Initial entry students will be assigned a phase. Initial entry students who check in during an evening or on a weekend will be phase 1 until they have checked into NMT.

Questions regarding locations for specific classes can be addressed by calling the FLEASWTRACEN quarterdeck (619) 524-1689.

Be in the uniform of the day when reporting aboard. Navy Service Uniform (NSU) year round.

If you are driving, ensure your vehicle is properly registered. Be able to provide proof of registration and insurance. All out-of-state vehicles that are more than 4 years old require a smog check. Parking is only provided at FLEASWTRACEN for staff and E-4 and above. A student lot is on the waterfront. TSC has parking passes for students to access the base to park only in that lot. There is also an overflow parking available adjacent to the base.

If you are flying, the base is located less than a mile from the airport. There is a United States Service Organization (USO) located outside terminal 2 and they can assist in the coordination of travel to the base for military personnel.

Ensure you receive a good night's sleep the day before you commence class.

Contact the FLEASWTRACEN quarterdeck if additional assistance is required, (619) 524-1689.

The FLEASWTRACEN main gate is located at Laning Road and North Harbor Drive.

If you are attending a course at the U.S. 3rd Fleet complex, the main gate is located on the west side Catalina Boulevard and Electron Drive. Classes convene in the breezeway of BLDG 56.

All student personnel when checking-in, regardless of the hour of the day, should report to the FLEASWTRACEN quarterdeck, 33150 Destroyer Lane, San Diego, Ca. 92147-5199, Building 11 Gallery Hall, (619) 524-1689. The officer of the deck will stamp your orders when you check in to the command. FLEASWTRACEN is located directly east of the overflow parking lot bridge on Naval Base Point Loma Harbor Drive Annex. Please ensure visit request is forwarded to JPAS SMO Code N009486.



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