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Chief Petty Officer - Command Navy Leader Development Facilitator Certification Course (CPO C-NLDF)

Last updated: 18 Apr 2023

The Chief Petty Officer - Command Navy Leader Development Facilitator Certification Course (CPO C-NLDF) develops senior enlisted leaders (master/senior chief petty officers) for the delivery of the Chief Petty Officer Leader Development Course (CPO-LDC, H-570-4506) by increasing their level of knowledge and experience in facilitating advanced topics in self-awareness, the naval profession, ethics, decision making, command climate, implicit bias and emotional toughness.  
Graduates will have to successfully facilitate topics in abstract leadership topics. The curriculum is very closely linked to the Navy core values and challenges learners to align their personal values to these values.  *Pre-requisite for this course: C-NLDF (CIN H-570-4502) certified. 
Course Identification Number (CIN) 
Enrollment Information 
For in-person class at either NLEC San Diego or NLEC Dam Neck:  
• Use CANTRAC (CAC login required) to view class schedules. (
• Contact your training officer or training department to enroll using ENTRS (CAC login required). (  
• Be sure to select your email certificate when accessing the sites. 
For Fleet-facilitated courses 
• Register through the Flank Speed ELD SharePoint site (CAC login required): 
• Click on “Course Documentation” for ELD Student Registration Guide 
• Click on “Attend Course” and select desired course to attend in your area 
• Click on “Host/Manage Course” if you need to host or manage courses 
Course Material 
Course material is currently available on MyNavy Portal (CAC login required): under "Professional Development" > "Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS)."  In the dropdown, go to the bottom of the menu and select ELD Courses. 

Point of Contact
Naval Leadership and Ethics Center
Enlisted Leader Development

NLEC Dam Neck 
408 Tartar Ave 
BLDG 502 
Virginia Beach, VA 23454 
NLEC San Diego 
3975 Norman Scott Rd 
BLDG 3290 
San Diego, CA 92136 

NLEC Dam Neck (757) 492-7759; NLEC San Diego (619) 556-8341

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