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Intermediate Leadership Course (ILC)

Last updated: 14 Nov 2023

This five-day course is designed to facilitate and indoctrinate all Supply Officers that will be relieving afloat, in a Department Head capacity, the skill sets necessary to be effective principle assistants and liaisons in their Chain of Command for their Commanding Officer.

The curriculum encompasses ten modules that will drastically shift the mindsets of the student from being a functional and effective Division Officer to the proactive and global thinking structure of a high-output Department Head. Through role plays, group-based discussions, teach backs, and brainstorming, the student will be afforded the opportunities to discuss with the class the trials and tribulations that they have experienced in their careers. Specific leadership principles that are addressed are competition and collaboration amongst peers and superiors, management of expectations, non-reactive leadership, command climate influences, project and systems management, and growing / developing junior Divisions Officers for the future.

Point of Contact
Navy Supply Corps School
Educational Counselor

1378 Porter Ave.
Naval Station Newport
Newport, RI 02841

(401) 841-4819

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