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Reserve Supply Management Advanced Refresher Training (RESMART)

Last updated: 14 Nov 2023

To provide Navy Reserve Logistics Specialists (LS) training in afloat Supply Management procedures. RESMART topics are presented in a fast-paced environment and cover the latest information related to major LS occupational standards and are equivalent to the topics covered in Logistics Specialist “A” and “C” schools.

Students are required to show proficiency in both manual and automated supply processes. The information is presented in lecture/discussion format with extensive laboratory work and practical exercises to increase the student's performance skill levels. The primary text for the course is the NAVSUP P-485, which will be provided by the instructor.

In addition, the student will be required to make a 20-minute presentation on a supply management topic assigned by the instructor. This allows the student an opportunity to research and present supply management information to a class. The goal of the presentation exercise is to build personal confidence and to increase the student's ability in presenting supply information and training to their respective reserve units.

Point of Contact
Navy Supply Corps School
Educational Counselor

1378 Porter Ave.
Naval Station Newport
Newport, RI 02841

(401) 841-4819

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