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Senior Supply Officer Department Head (SR SODHC)

Last updated: 14 Nov 2023

SODHC course is designed to prepare Senior Supply Corps Officers to return to sea as department heads. This course is eight days in length.

Topics covered include:
  • Senior Officer Leadership,
  • Ethics,
  • Inventory and Financial Management using R-SUPPLY,
  • Food Service,
  • Retail Operations,
  • Disbursing Management,
  • Postal Operations and Hazardous Material Management,
  • and Off-Ship Bill Pay and Husbanding Services Provider processes.
Guest speakers for this course include briefers from throughout the fleet (active and reserve), including civilians.

Prior to reporting to Newport, Rhode Island, prospective SR SODHC students are encouraged to start a dialogue with the Supply Officer they will be relieving, as well as TYCOM. They should also begin to gather reports and information from their future command, including the most recent CO's Monthly Report and Annual Financial Management Plan. Gathering this information prior to starting class will allow students to review real world examples as they learn.

Point of Contact
Navy Supply Corps School
Educational Counselor

1378 Porter Ave.
Naval Station Newport
Newport, RI 02841

(401) 841-4819

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