International Logistics Executive Advanced Development (ILEAD)

Last updated: 14 Nov 2023

International Logistics Executive Advanced Development (ILEAD), Senior International Officers, grade O-5 and above, waivers available. Course is taught once per year.

This seven-week course is designed to give Senior International Officers a better understanding of current trends in logistics and supply chain management from the military perspective. The course includes the Advanced Management Program (AMP) as the first portion of the course. AMP is a two-week long executive leadership course designed for commanders and GS-13/14s who deal with transformation, supply chain management, lean six-sigma, and many other management skills used both by industry and DoD.

It is a post-MBA level course, taught by university professors from top-level business schools. The students will be embedded with equivalent U.S. personnel during this period and work on group projects and make a group presentation for a panel of Flag Officers on the last day of AMP. Following the two weeks of AMP, site visits will be conducted to various Navy commands in the U.S. to give the students an on-site view of the various logistics initiatives and projects currently being worked on by Department of Defense and U.S. Navy. The students will also participate in various events that will allow for a better understanding of American society and culture. All course travel is included in the MASL cost.

Class requires an 80 ECL score.

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