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SWOSU Updates Wet Trainer Course

21 October 2019

From Brian Walsh

Surface Warfare Officer School Unit (SWOSU) Great Lakes convened a Wet Trainer Course class using a new curriculum that better prepares them for the Fleet October 17.

Surface Warfare Officer School Unit (SWOSU) Great Lakes convened a Wet Trainer Course class using a new curriculum that better prepares them for the Fleet October 17.

Launched on September 5, the one-day Basic Engineering Common Core class was replaced to a stand-alone course that all engineering accession Sailors must attend.

“It is now a separate damage control course with increased accession level engineering student throughput in the newly added curriculum,” said SWOSU General Shipboard Damage Control Wet Training and Fire Fighting Course Supervisor Chief Damage Controlman John Ortega. “The old course held a maximum of 25 students versus the 40 student capacity we are now able to instruct under in the new course. The new curriculum has four hours of classroom instruction and four hours of practical application and covers investigation, dewatering, shoring, pipe patching and plugging, and a Wet Battle problem.”

The course satisfies Level III of Shipboard Survivability Training Level Requirements IAW OPNAVINST 3541.1F, which is required for personnel who, because of their duties, require additional survivability and Damage Control (DC) training as members of a DC repair station.

Before this course, the fleet had to send their newly reported Sailors to SWOS Fleet Concentration Area schoolhouse to receive the General Shipboard DC Training Course (K-495-0045).

“The revised curriculum benefits the sailors by giving them the knowledge needed to safely perform duties as part of the repair organization in a live Damage Control environment prior to reporting to the Fleet,” Ortega said. “By completing the course here prior to transferring to the Fleet, the burden on the existing Damage Control schoolhouses is reduced and allows fleet returnees more of an opportunity to receive refresher training in Fleet Concentration Areas.”

Engineering accession Sailors going through the new curriculum are now able to receive fleet-defined, minimum DC skills training prior to transferring to our Fleet’s warships.  Provides the right training at the right time in the right way, ensuring that they are aptly prepared to serve in the fleet and to rapidly qualify and become a battle ready asset to be employed in any ship’s damage control repair station.

“Every Damage Control Officer and Damage Control Assistant will be extremely happy to receive the Fleet’s newest engineering accession Sailors that are well trained in Damage Control and will be able to quickly qualify in Basic DC 301-306 and become an immediate asset in their Damage Control repair organizations” SWOSU Commanding Officer Cmdr. Terrance Patterson said.


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