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NAVIFOR Force Master Chief Twiford Visits CIWT and IWTC Corry Station, Observes and Discusses IW Training

01 March 2021

From Glenn Sircy, Center for Information Warfare Training

Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) Force Master Chief David Twiford visited the Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT) and Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Corry Station, March 1.

PENSACOLA, Fla. – Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) Force Master Chief David Twiford visited the Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT) and Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Corry Station, March 1.

NAVIFOR is CIWT’s requirements sponsor and NAVIFOR generates, directly and through our leadership of the information warfare (IW) enterprise, agile and technically superior manned, trained, equipped and certified combat-ready IW forces to ensure our Navy will decisively deter, compete and win.

This was Twiford’s first visit to CIWT and IWTC Corry Station since reporting to NAVIFOR in November. However, Twiford said he felt at home and it was especially nice to return to Corry Station where his Navy training began as a young Navy cryptologic technician (collection), or CTR, Sailor.

“It is an honor to return to Corry as your force master chief,” shared Twiford. “Since starting my career here 25 years ago as a young CTR, Corry Station has had a special place in my heart and has had a deep impact on who I am as a Sailor. I have done everything here from standing gate watch to digging ditches in holding company to being a student. My one regret is I wasn’t able to do an instructor tour here.”

During the visit, Twiford met with CIWT and IWTC Corry Station leadership, staff and students to discuss current and future endeavors in training Sailors to support the Navy’s IW mission areas.

“As we face a Great Power Competition from potential adversaries, the fleet relies on stellar information warfare professionals of character and competence,” added Twiford. “The expertise our information warriors who come to IWTCs as instructors bring from the fleet is vital to not just IW mission success, but the Navy’s overall mission. Our need to maintain the most capable combat-ready forces demands the best talent to tackle our most pressing IW challenges. We must continue do everything in our power to maintain a culture of technical and tactical excellence and CIWT is leading the way for establishing and advancing that culture. I could not be prouder of this team and look forward to working with their leadership on a wide array of initiatives at NAVIFOR on how we continue to improve our community.”

Twiford also toured Corry Station, observed training and held a couple of all-hands calls.

“I need you to ensure you are sending Sailors you would be proud to serve with in the fleet,” stated Twiford. “If you wouldn’t serve with them, they aren’t ready to graduate. Produce IW warriors you would go to war with, because you know what went into training them and you trust them because you trained them.”

CIWT’s Command Master Chief Francisco Vargas expressed his gratitude for Twiford’s visit, and for allowing time to meet and speak directly with CIWT and IWTC Corry Station staff and students.

"We genuinely appreciate Force Master Chief Twiford's interest in directly observing and discussing our training of the next generation of information warriors,” said Vargas. “It allows us an opportunity to show the breadth and scope of who we are and what we do, our challenges, our innovation, and to witness the commitment and passion of our instructors and staff in forging students into highly skilled, operational, and combat-ready warfighters for the Navy the nation needs.”

IWTC Corry Station is one component that makes up the Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT) domain. IWTC Corry Station, as part of the CIWT, provides a continuum of training to Navy and joint service personnel that prepares them to conduct information warfare across the full spectrum of military operations.

With four schoolhouse commands, a detachment, and training sites throughout the United States and Japan, CIWT trains over 22,000 students every year, delivering trained information warfare professionals to the Navy and joint services. CIWT also offers more than 200 courses for cryptologic technicians, intelligence specialists, information systems technicians, electronics technicians, and officers in the information warfare community.

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