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NTTC Meridian Conducts Pilot for New LS “A” School

10 March 2022

From Senior Chief Petty Officer Michael Lantron

Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC) Meridian hosted the pilot course for the modernized Logistics Specialist (LS) “A” School course Jan. 10 – Feb. 4.
Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC) Meridian hosted the pilot course for the modernized Logistics Specialist (LS) “A” School course Jan. 10 – Feb. 4.

NTTC Meridian, under the leadership of Center for Service Support (CSS), modernized the course through the Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) modernization process implemented by U.S. Fleet Forces Command and Naval Education and Training Command (NETC).

“Getting to this point has been a four-year process,” said Capt. Robert Stockton, CSS commanding officer. “The amount of hard work and dedication that has been put in by the staff, fleet-wide inputs, and students is immeasurable and the real reason we have this new outstanding curriculum. Without a doubt, this updated course is going to provide the fleet with more knowledgeable LSs right out of the gate.”

The course covers 58 topics and provides the Navy’s newest LS Sailors with a broad overview of their role supporting the fleet and the experience of “doing” the work. The streamlined curriculum focuses on providing students with multiple opportunities of targeted and repetitive hands-on training on the duties and tasks they will perform when they get to their first duty station.

Significant course updates included a 10-day decrease in course length, yet added in more than 20 hours of lab time, more than three times the previous amount. The additional focus on immersive, hands-on experience aligns with the RRL concept of “reps and sets” allowing for improved familiarization and interactive activities in multiple software systems including Relational Supply (R-Supply), Federal Logistics and One Touch Support.

"It has been a privilege to be a part of the reconstruction of the LS curriculum these past few years,” said Chief Logistics Specialist Roberto Lopez, an LS “A” School instructor. “Being able to see this curriculum come to fruition and seeing students be so excited to learn their job by performing real-life scenarios has been a great opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the fleet.”

The course is expected to officially kick off in September 2022 following a thorough review of course content and critiques provided by staff, students, and the type commander.

“What I like the most about this course is the pace we are learning at,” said Logistics Specialist Seaman Nylmari Berrios Del Valle. “We actually learn more by doing lab exercises, instructor demonstrations and real-life anecdotes. I feel the course has addressed a variety of the topics that we would be using in a daily basis as an LS.”

“It’s great to see students have more opportunities to connect the information they learn to lab exercises,” said Chief Logistics Specialist Camilo Silva, LS training manager. “You can see the light bulbs turn on as they get more hands-on experience. The new improvements help enhance the course, making teaching the knowledge and skills accession-level Sailors will need that much more effective. This is exactly what we were looking for.”

LS is the newest rating in the CSS domain to be modernized under RRL. Personnel specialist, yeoman, yeoman (submarine), and retail service specialist have already completed the RRL process. The logistics specialist (submarine) course is expected to implement later this year, and the military postal clerk pilot course begins next month.

NTTC Meridian was commissioned in 1974, and delivers approximately 1,200 apprentice-level trained LSs to the Fleet annually.
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