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NETC Conducts Leadership Offsite

21 September 2018
NETC domain leaders gathered for a meeting to discuss the "street to fleet" process of transforming civilians into warfighters Sept. 18-19.

Leaders from the Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) domain gathered for a meeting to discuss the “street to fleet” process of transforming civilians into warfighters Sept. 18-19.

Senior leaders from NETC, Navy Recruiting Command, Naval Service Training Command, Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center, and NETC's learning centers and training support centers, examined force development execution strategies supporting fleet readiness across the accession supply chain. Among several major focus issues, the week was spent assessing how the entire Force Development domain becomes "better, faster and more effective" in supporting the fleet customer as the Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education (MPT&E) enterprise undergoes transformation.

"People are the key enabler to our Navy's competitive edge in an environment that today is focused upon great power competition," said Rear Adm. Kyle Cozad, NETC commander. "We owe the fleet the very best including greater agility and responsiveness in training system and curriculum delivery. How we recruit, train, and then provide our Sailors with continuous learning and development is an essential element in the competition that we face today for people."

Sailor 2025 is a key aspect, particularly the Ready, Relevant Learning (RRL) piece, that is changing an industrial model of training to a modernized method of delivering the right training at the right time in a Sailor’s career.

“Our focus on execution of the first stage or Ready, Relevant Learning - block learning - is allowing many of our schoolhouses to provide training closer to the point when our Sailors actually need it,” said Bill Marvel, NETC’s RRL program manager. “We’re also excited about the work we’re doing to support the next stage of RRL, where we’ll leverage technology to bring modern, mobile and modular training to our Sailors.”

Harnessing future information technology (IT) is also critical to streamlining personnel management processes to improve quality of service to Sailors, fleet commanders and the Navy as a whole. This includes integrating IT architecture, highlighting adaptability and focusing on the goals of enabling Sailor self-service through single sign-on, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products and authoritative data consolidation.

“We’re pursuing a learning stack concept when it comes to our technology that operates around a robust integrated COTS architecture,” said Robyn Baker, NETC's command information officer. "Today’s Sailors prefer to learn by gaming, demonstration videos, simulations and collaboration. NETC's move to a cohesive, integrated IT solution with best business practices and modern user interfaces will provide dynamic training solutions."

Along with technology advances, the group also discussed changes to the ways that the Navy plans for recruiting and detailing Sailors as they move through initial and advanced skills training.

“We are all working toward a more agile and customer-focused approach across the board as we manage our talent,” said Cozad. “Working hand in hand with the fleet, the goal is all about improving the way we recruit, train, educate, manage and retain the best Sailors in the world.”

The MPT&E Transformation is a modernization effort that will overhaul the way human resources (HR) services are provided to all Sailors, their families, and future recruits. Over the next several years, the Transformation will change how services are offered throughout a Sailor's entire "Hire-to-Retire" life cycle, by streamlining processes and systems to improve the speed, accuracy, and quality of HR services.


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