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NROTC Access

Access to NROTC and other Encrypted Navy Websites

Many Department of Defense, US Navy, and other Federal Government websites use SSL to encrypt network traffic between web servers and browsers. This is similar to banks, brokerage houses, and e-commerce websites.

If you are having problems accessing our NROTC website (http://www.nrotc.navy.mil) or other similarly encrypted sites, the problem is most likely certificate errors such that the browser indicates that the website is untrustworthy and will not connect. To remedy that, the DoD Root Certificates need to be installed into Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Installing the DoD Root Certificates will allow your web browser to trust the identity of websites whose secure communications are authenticated by Department of Defense agencies. The DoD Root CA 2 certificate is included with InstallRoot_v3_15a.exe.

Installing the certificates

Please note: We only guarantee this will install in Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • This procedure may require System Administrator access on your computer.
  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7, you may encounter a User Account Control (UAC) dialog box asking if you want to run this program. Reply affirmatively.
  • Click on the “InstallRoot_v3_15A.exe” and select ”RUN” InstallRoot_v3_15A.exe.
  • The install will scroll in your MS DOS window while in progress
  • When you see the message "Type the return key to terminate", the install is complete
  • Hit Return to close the DOS window
  • On Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may encounter an additional popup box, “Program Compatibility Assistant”
    • The Program Compatibility Assistant box will prompt you to select one of two choices:
    • Select "This Program Installed Correctly" to complete the install

Checking the installed root certificates

  • Open IE
  • Click Tools/Internet Options/Content/Certificates
  • You should see a list of root certificates including DoD Root CA 2 under the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab
  • Once verified, close the internet options windows by selecting close and cancel
  • Your browser is now configured to visit DoD secure sites including NROTC

If you have any further problems or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Naval Service Training Command ~ 2601A Paul Jones Street, Great Lakes, IL 60088
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