PANTICOSA, Spain (Feb. 5, 2020) Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians, from Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 8 (EODMU 8), assigned to Navy Expeditionary Combat Force Europe-Africa/Task Force (CTF) 68, conduct in-water safety checks as part of annual bi-lateral altitude and ice dive training in the Pyrenees Mountains with dives from the Spanish Navy Center for Diving (Centro de Buceo de la Armada, CBA) February 5. CTF 68 provides explosive ordnance operations, naval construction, expeditionary security, and theater security efforts in the 6th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Katie Cox/Released)

NETCINST 5450.9A Mission, Functions, and Tasks of Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving


To create the optimal learning environment for the world's premier diving and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) forces, founded on a continuum of personal and professional growth, utilizing operationally relevant curriculum, and leveraging innovative training methods and technologies.


The Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving (CENEODDIVE) executes Secretary of the Navy responsibilities as the Department of Defense single manager for individual training in EOD and diving. We provide agile and adaptive training to all services, select countries and government entities; delivering knowledge to satisfy validated training requirements and improve Navy and joint force operational readiness.

CENEODDIVE FY21/23 Strategic Goals

1. Continue to refine and improve the EOD/ND Learning Model.

     a. Ensure our training sites are executing fleet and field validated requirements and are resourced to deliver high-risk training curricula at the right time and the right place to educate and train future ND and EOD warriors.
     b. Use a data driven decision-making process to measure training effectiveness through a decision support tool.
     c. Encourage and foster communication and collaboration, fostering an inclusive culture that allows open communications to take full advantage of our diverse team.

 2. Deliver EOD technicians and divers to the fleet and field with the requisite skills necessary to support operational warfighter capabilities.

     a. Reinforce the EOD and diving warfighter mentality through apprentice, journeyman and master level skill specific training, resulting in a graduate who is combat-ready.
     b. Continue to develop and institutionalize Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) and integrate emerging technologies to support providing warfighters to the fleet and field.
     c. Pursue and leverage innovative concepts and processes to meet the needs of today and tomorrow's diverse learners. We will embrace change to optimize the learning environment.

3. Maintain laser focus on the initial accession supply chain.

     a. Continue to develop and modify initial entry requirements that deliver prospective candidates that possess the mental and physical characteristics and traits to achieve success.
     b. Promote an environment throughout the supply chain that promotes respect, inclusion for teambuilding, good order and capitalizes on the competitive advantage gained from a diverse team.
     c. Continue to expand delivery and reinforcement of Warrior Toughness principles/training via HPI/NETC provided  and in-house, produced curriculum throughout the CENEODDIVE domain.
     d. Identify, monitor and mitigate risks of destructive behaviors for all accessions by providing training for all staff and by providing NETC policies, programs and processes.
     e. Ensure "health of the force" is a top priority throughout the EOD/ND supply chain.

4. Maintain a cohesive and professional workforce.

      a. Synchronize and over communicate the vision, mission and ever-changing demands to CENEODDIVE workforce. Leadership, staff and instructors must maintain a seamless understanding of the ultimate goal: educating and training future EOD and diving warriors.
     b. Institutionalize a domain-wide perspective on Culture of Excellence (COE). Ensure all staff have an understanding of COE and the need to include it in all training.
     c. CENEODDIVE domain will have and agile and adaptable team of military, civilians and contractors to train and deliver combat-ready warfighters.
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