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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (November 6, 2019) Cryptologic Technician (Technical) 2nd Class Brandon Young, an instructor from Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Virginia Beach, teaches Fleet National Systems Support to fleet Sailors. IWTC Virginia Beach, located in Dam Neck Annex, currently offers 65 courses of instruction in information technology, cryptology, and intelligence with an instructor and support staff of 280 military, civilian, and contractors who train over 6,500 students every year. (U.S. Navy photo/Released)


Reporting location will vary depending on the course of instruction. Refer to the course listing below:

Layton Hall   Walker Hall
Room B109 / Phone: (757) 492-6680   Room 328  / Phone: (757) 492-7790
Check-in Hours 0730-1530   Check-in Hours 0730-1530
________________________________________________   ________________________________________________
CT Courses   IT/ET Courses
Joint Tactical Terminal;  EW Advanced Apps   CANES Administrator;  CANES Strand-Booking
SEWO;  SSES Team Training I   CANES Core;  Systems Administration
SSES Team Training II;  EW Threat Recognition   EMSO Coordinator;  ICMC
IT/ET Courses   ISSM;  JCC
Intel Courses   CT Courses
AWIC;  RDBM   Officer Courses
OPINTEL;  GEOINT   EW Officer - International;  IPBC
SEMIAC; IMINT Interpreter    
C4ISR Afloat;  MSIO    
Officer Courses    
NIOBC;  NIOBC (Reserve)
IWBC;  EW Officer
DIVOLC;  Integrated Fires Officer

If residing off Dam Neck Annex, plan accordingly for traffic delays entering the base during peak hours (0630 - 0830).
  • Layton Hall - The first two rows of parking are reserved for Staff; students should park beyond this area.
  • Walker Hall - Parking is located to the right of the building.
  • Carter Hall - The parking lot to the left of the building is reserved for Staff; students should park in front of the barracks across the street.

If you are authorized for individual billeting, make reservations at the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites Dam Neck Annex (1-877-NAVY-BED).

In cases of non-availability, several hotels are within 10 miles of Dam Neck Annex.

Students should verify the lodging type authorized via orders before committing funds and seeking reimbursement from the government


Personal electronic devices (PEDs) (e.g., phones, laptops, digital media players, GPS watches, Fitbit, electronic cigarettes, wireless modems, Bluetooth devices) are not permitted in spaces that store, handle and process classified information; limited storage exists for PEDs. Personnel must conduct a self-check prior to entering spaces that store, handle and process classified information to avoid a command security violation. Seized PEDs will be forensically searched by the security manager to ensure the absence of classified material prior to being returned to the service member. Violations may result in confiscation of the device and disciplinary action under the UCMJ, including legal action against the offending employee, contractor or visitor. To further protect classified material and reduce the risk of unauthorized disclosure, personnel are not permitted to bring large bags (e.g., book bags, gym bags, oversized purses) into spaces that store, handle and process classified information.


All students will report with a copy of their orders (include any and all order modifications), Page 2, and, if possible, medical and dental records. Any administrative need (such as travel claims or annual leave) may require additional documentation; students should bring all supporting documents. Reservists need to verify their Page 2 in NSIPS before reporting and have a copy of most recent LES. For any questions, please contact the IWTC Student Management office at 757-492-0061.

All students are required to complete the latest version of the Intelligence Community Cyber Security Awareness training in order to obtain a training account. Please bring a copy your certificate of completion when you check-in.

Students are administratively assigned to either Training Support Center (TSC) Hampton Roads (this includes, but is not limited to, Sailors attending ‘A’ school or the Naval Intelligence Officer Basic Course) or their parent command (this includes personnel attending a course in a Temporary Additional Duty status and orders to return to their command upon course completion).

Sailors wear Navy Working Uniform Type III (digital green pattern) Monday through Friday. On occasion, Navy Service / Khaki uniforms are required.
Graduations are held in Navy Working Uniform Type III or Navy Service / Khaki uniforms.


Congratulations on your assignment to Information Warfare Training Command Virginia Beach. We look forward to having you on the team. Your sponsor is tasked with addressing any questions and issues you or your family may have related to your transition. To identify or contact your sponsor, please call the Quarterdeck at (757) 492-0001 / (757) 492-0002 during normal working hours and request to speak to the sponsor coordinator. For Administrative issues please email Admin:
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