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Reporting information


On behalf of the CNATTU Jacksonville (Jax) student management staff, we welcome you and look forward to assisting you with any issues pertaining to your courses of instruction in CETARS and forwarding any Permanent Change of Station (PCS)-related pay/personnel/travel documents to Personnel Support Detachment for processing. Our staff will assist you in completing the required PSD forms.

All personnel on Initial Entry Training (boot camp to “A” school and then to CNATTU Jacksonville) are required to stay in the Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville barracks (BEQ – Bachelor Enlisted Quarters). Please have the barracks front office stamp your orders with the stamp that states that you are residing in the barracks. Our office will need this documentation when you check in.

All TAD students report directly to the classroom number listed on the TV monitor located in CNATTU Jax building 848 main quarterdeck. Upon reporting, please obtain any endorsements on your orders required by your command such as reporting endorsement stamp from the CNATTU Jax quarterdeck and any lodging/meals available endorsements from the applicable office (NAS Jax barracks, Navy Gateway Inn or the base galley). Upon departing, a departing endorsement stamp from the CNATTU Jax quarterdeck if required by your command.

All PCS reporting personnel (including Initial Entry Training) are required to report to CNATTU Jax (building 848) quarterdeck upon arrival at NAS Jacksonville. You will need to provide your original orders and Common Access Card (CAC) to get your orders stamped. In the event that you arrive at the CNATTU Jax building after normal working hours and the building is secured, please contact the CNATTU Jax command duty officer at (904) 307-1029 to arrange for your orders to be stamped with the proper date and time of your arrival. Please report to the CNATTU Jax Student Management Office at 7:00 a.m. on the next working day with original orders and CAC. During the check-in process with student management, all personnel not reporting directly from “A” school will be required to present proof of obligated service if required in orders. Additionally, all personnel requiring overseas screenings in their orders will be required to present a copy of the completed NAVPERS 1300/16(Rev. 11-09).

All Personnel reporting from Naval Air Technical Training Center, who are exam eligible, should speak with their instructor prior to their departure to ensure their promotion recommendation, exam, and worksheets are forwarded to the following address:


Advancement exam-eligible personnel are requested to have their exams forwarded to UIC 39469 if taking the exams while attached to CNATTU Jax. Please provide a copy of your worksheet and all pertinent evaluations.
If you participated in the Recruiting Assistance Program (RAP) enroute to this command, we will need the page 13 your recruiter should have provided to you in order to receive Leave Credit.
Students AUTHORIZED per diem should book their lodging for the full duration of their stay as a student. Arrange your lodging as soon as you receive your orders to prevent non-availability. The first place to request lodging is at the Gateway Inns & Suites at NAS Jacksonville, (904) 542-3138 or (904) 542-3139.
If the Gateway Inn is full, you will need to contact the Navy Lodge at NAS Jacksonville, (904) 772-6000. Ensure that you have the Gateway Inns & Suites endorse your orders with the Navy Lodge Approval Stamp for your entire stay in the Navy Lodge.
If the Navy Lodge is full, the Gateway Inn will provide you with a certificate of non-availability (CNA). This will authorize you to stay in a hotel out in town. The Gateway will provide you with a list of recommended hotels to contact and make your reservation. If CNA received while still attached to your transferring command and have arranged lodging off base, and rental car requested, submit a request through your personnel office to obtain an order modification to authorize for a car rental. If you receive your CNA after you detach, we can submit the request once we have properly gained you onboard. We cannot guarantee it will be approved (you could be directed to commute with another student who already has car rental authorization). If approved, you will not see any monetary allowances until you submit your travel claim at your ultimate duty station.
Please keep in mind without the CNA you will not be given any advance per diem nor receive any reimbursements for your stay in hotels not located at NAS Jacksonville. Please do not lose this document.
If you are authorized per diem, you should request to receive advance per diem prior to your departure from previous duty station.
If you have any questions that were not addressed, please email us:
Welcome aboard, we look forward to your arrival!
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