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Welcome to CNATTU Lemoore, Student Section. While onboard you will receive the best instruction available from our professional Marine and Navy instructors. We expect you to be as diligent in your studies as the instructors are in providing you the material pertinent to your specialty. What you learn here will enhance your ability to perform your assigned duties in the expected proficient manner upon reporting to your follow-on duty station. Welcome aboard!

Sailors and Marines can reduce out-of-pocket expenses during a PCS move by taking advantage of the travel entitlements available to them in advance of their move. Travel advances are designed to assist Sailors and Marines with PCS travel expenses. This includes funding assistance for mileage, meals and lodging. If you are about to make a PCS move, talk to your Command Pay and Personnel Administrator (CPPA) to help you decide if a travel advance is the right thing for you and your family. Special consideration should be given to those moving to an overseas duty station or to a location with a higher than average cost of living.

Students who are on PCS orders may be entitled to Advance Travel and Mileage, or Per Diem, while attending courses at CNATTU Lemoore. Students can verify eligibility within individual orders. It is recommended that students also request any monetary advances through their previous command prior to transfer. This recommendation is made due to a minimum of a 30-day process time for most student to receive their funds. If a student has questions about specifics of entitlements they may contact either their current CPPAs or training coordinators at CNATTU Lemoore.

Government transportation is no longer offered to and from the Fresno Air Terminal. The use of a commercial cab company is authorized on your PCS orders to/from CNATTU Lemoore and from/to the Fresno Air Terminal. Once you arrive at the front gate of the base, contact the CNATTU ACDO at (559) 904-1733 to pick you up and bring you to Central Billeting. Some companies do offer military rates ranging from $80 to $100 to the base. You will get reimbursed for your travel when you process your travel claim with Admin as long as you keep your receipt.

If your luggage is lost, provide the airlines with (559) 998-3946/4791 as a contact number. Report onboard in presentable civilian attire. Student Services will assist you in reclaiming your lost luggage.

Marines will report in their service “A” uniform, and Sailors will report in the uniform of the day or NWUs. Marines and Sailors will adhere to grooming standards (men with a fresh haircut and clean shaven) and wear pressed uniforms. If you are reporting during the work day (6:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.), report directly to the Gateway Inn and Suites building 800 to acquire a room. Once that is done proceed to CNATTU Student Services, building 730, RM 5-011. If you report after normal working hours, or on the weekend or holiday, you should proceed directly to Gateway Inn and Suites, building 800 to acquire a room, then to Barracks 16/17/18/19 CNATTU Duty Office to have orders stamped. Report to Student Services at 6:30 a.m. the next working day.  If COVID measures still exist, please call CDO prior to travel or check-in for information.

REQUIRED ITEMS FOR CHECK IN: When reporting in you will have your medical records, dental records, service record, and original orders with you.

Specific course prerequisites and requirements can be found by searching CIN on CANTRAC.  It is important for prospective students to meet prerequisite requirements on select courses to prevent disenrollment or ability to attend their scheduled course.  This can cause hardship on the student if discovered during check-in, especially if member traveled was from outside the local area.

Marines and Sailors are required to report with a complete sea bag. Unless otherwise directed, Marines and Sailors will wear service uniforms or NWUs while attending classroom instruction.
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