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Student Information

Welcome to the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Detachment Tinker Air Force Base. While onboard you will receive the best instruction available from our outstanding Navy instructors, and as such we expect you to be as diligent in your studies as the instructors are in providing you the material pertinent to your specialty.

You can obtain civilian transportation in the form of taxis or shuttles to and from the airport for a small fee (approximately $20 plus tip), as well as the possibility of the CSCW-1 Duty Driver or the CNATT Petty Officer of the Watch if we are aware of your travel dates. Please contact (405) 739-3500 to notify Student Control.

If your luggage is lost, provide the airlines with (405) 739-3500 as a contact number. Report on board in presentable civilian attire. Student Control will assist you in reclaiming your lost luggage.

Sailors will report in the uniform of the day (preferably Winter Blue/Summer White, but utilities are allowed). Sailors will adhere to grooming standards (men with a fresh haircut and clean shaven) and wear pressed uniforms. If you are reporting during the work day (7 a.m. - 4 p.m.), report directly to CNATT Det Tinker Student Control, Building 830, Room 301 (left side of CSCW-1 quarterdeck). If you report after working hours, or on the weekend, you should proceed directly to CSCW-1 quarterdeck to get your orders stamped, then to Barracks 5931 POOW Room 102. Report to Student Control in the prescribed uniform as stated above at 7:00 a.m. the next working day.

REQUIRED ITEMS FOR CHECK IN: When reporting in you will have your medical records, dental records, service record, and original orders with you.

Sailors are required to report with a complete sea bag. Unless otherwise directed, Sailors will wear utilities while attending classroom instruction.


DSN: 339

Student Control
(405) 739-3500

Duty Phone
(405) 739-3500 during working hours

Petty Officer of the Watch
(405) 831-0925 after working hours

For more command information, please contact CNATT quarterdeck at (405) 739-3500.
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