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** Weapons or contraband is not allowed on NAS Whiting Field **

For Navy and PCS Students, bring original orders (ensure they are marked “certified original”)  in order for Student Control to process your Per Diem and Travel Advance Requests,  ensure you provide a copy of your room receipt. . If you have any questions concerning leave, travel, proceed time, or mode of transportation between duty assignments, resolve them prior to beginning your travel by contacting your respective MTUs.
Upon your respective class convening, report to your respective classrooms at Bldg. 2945 (AMO/AOMCP) or BLDG 2943 (ASO) no later than 7:30 a.m.

All students shall receive a welcome aboard email from their respective MTUs with more detailed information pertaining to which course they signed up for.  
Students are responsible for making their billeting reservations and shall make every attempts to secure billeting aboard NAS Whiting Field at the Combined Bachelor's Quarters (CBQ)/ Gateway Inns and Suited (NGIS) IAW the JTR. Contact the CBQ at (850) 623-7605/06/07 DSN: 868-XXXX or their toll-free reservation number (1-877-627-9324) for room reservations.

Billeting reservations for international students will be pre-arranged by CNATT Student Control.
"There is no Military Dining Facility aboard NAS Whiting Field."

Due to non-availability of government messing (you will receive a “Messing non-availability letter” upon completion of training), it is imperative that your parent command access the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) website in order to ascertain per diem rates as they continue to fluctuate.
All students are required to have the authorized PT uniform.
U.S. Navy personnel uniform of the day is NWU Type III

U.S. Marine Corps uniform of the day is Seasonal Woodland MCCUU

***All BQC students shall report in Service “Alphas.” Aviation Supply Management Course students will report in Seasonal Woodland MCCUU.
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