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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (May 27, 2021) Basic course students and supporting staff members perform during the Basic Music Course popular music group capstone at the Naval School of Music.  The basic course encompasses the fundamentals of music theory and ear training as well as instrumental performance, preparing Sailors and Marines for assignment to a fleet band.  The Naval School of Music plays a vital role in developing the military musician, and its graduates go on to become musical ambassadors on ships and stations throughout the world. (U.S. Navy photo by Winston Garvey)


While assigned to the Naval School of Music, basic course students reside in Scott Hall, a 135-room dormitory-style barracks.

Daily Life

A typical day at the Naval School of Music begins with "morning quarters" when roll is called just before an inspection. For the remainder of the training day, each student's schedule is different, depending on their point in training. Some students may proceed immediately to a private instrumental lesson, while another is off to ear-training class, music theory, concert band, or stage band.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center offers students at the Naval School of Music high-tech assistance with their academic studies. They can use computer technology and the latest interactive ear-training and music theory software during self-study to reinforce and enrich instruction received in the classroom.

Instrument Issue

Instrument Issue stores and maintains inventory control of all musical instruments, accessories, and supplies for the school. Upon arrival at the school, each student is provided with a professional instrument and accessories, and all other needed supplies for intensive musical instruction. Currently there are over 2,500 instruments on inventory, and a wide variety of mouthpieces and equipment are on hand for outfitting personal tastes.

Instrument Repair

The Naval School of Music houses the largest and best equipped instrument repair shop in the military. The technicians assigned to the school provide each student with training on the proper care and maintenance of their instrument, and maintain the school's technical training equipment inventory.

Library Media Center

The Library Media Center offers a quiet place where students at the Naval School of Music can study, read, or listen to music. The library contains thousands of recordings of a wide variety of musical ensembles and styles. Students are encouraged to spend time viewing DVDs, listening to CDs, reading books, magazines, and scores that relate to the training they receive in their courses and performing groups.

Music Library

Military musicians are required to perform in a wide variety of musical styles and settings. During their training, students at the Naval School of Music are exposed to many different types of music and perform in a variety of musical ensembles. The Music Library provides the sheet music and scores for all of the school’s training ensembles, including concert band, marching band, ceremonial band, big band, brass band, and chamber music groups. The library also supplies method books and instrumental solos used in students’ private lessons.

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