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Special Warfare Closed Circuit Combat Dive-STTS

Last updated: 23 Jan 2024

Course Description
This training prepares selected Airmen to perform closed circuit/Mk-25 diving operations. Training standard tasks correlate to combat diving conditions and standards listed in Special Operations Forces Baseline Interoperable Combat Diving Training Standards (USSOCOM Manual 350-4 Vol 1, current edition). Additionally, this training is the second of two courses required to qualify graduates as "combat divers" for future U.S. Special Operations Command joint operations.
Medical Documentation  
Students are required to send their medical records to SWCDC medical department No Later Than two-weeks prior to class start date. Students arriving without appropriate medical documents in hand, will be required to obtain their records prior to class start.

Students who have not completed their required hyperbaric chamber pressure test IAW the USN Diving Manual, are required to report one-week prior to course start date with appropriate medical documents in hand as listed below.

The medical documents are:
  • Current DD FORM 2766, Immunization Record;
  • Current DD FORM 2807, Report of Medical History;
  • Current DD FORM 2808, Dive Physical to include:
    1. Full neurological examination,
    2. Current chest x-ray report,
    3. Current copy of 12-lead EKG strip,
    4. Dental Class I or II rating within 12-months of exam date posted on DD FORM 2808
  • Current AF 2992, Flight Physical
    NOTE:  The AF FORM 2992 is mandatory to start day one of course. Students who do not have a current AF 2992 or equivalent will be sent back to their home unit.
  • Hyperbaric Pressure test verification (must be completed prior to class start unless pre-coordinated with SWCDC).
Please contact Mr. Garth Sinclair: garth.r.sinclair.civ (at) AND garth.sinclair (at) (NOTE: @ sign removed in emails to protect from email harvesting) 
Successful completion of Special Warfare Assessment & Selection, Special Warfare Pre-Dive, and Special Warfare Open Circuit Combat Dive courses; documented successful completion of the Operator Fitness Test (OFT); Special Warfare Medical Clearance indicating that the student is medically qualified to perform airborne parachutist, combat dive, and military free fall duties in accordance with AR 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness and AFI 48-123, Medical Examinations and Standards. Refer to Navy Man Med: P-117, chapter 15, section 102 for additional dive requirements.

Orders MUST reflect both Special Warfare Open Circuit Combat Dive-STTS (LCAZP1XXXX-01OB) and Special Warfare Closed Circuit Combat Dive-STTS (LCAZP1XXXX-01CB) as there is no break between the two courses.



All students must arrive and maintain meeting Air Force uniform and grooming standards.

Students will fly into Panama City Florida International Airport, (airport identifier "ECP"). At the airport, students will notify a taxi to take them to Naval Support Activity. Upon arrival, report to Bldg 350, Special Warfare Combat Dive Course (SWCDC), Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC), 350 South Crag Road.

The below weekend, week day, and holiday check-in procedures DO NOT apply to students attending TOP OFF Course.

Week-end/week-day reporting as follows:
Week-ends: Report to Bldg 350. Students MUST check-in with the Dive school quarterdeck to get orders stamped. Then proceed to base lodging.
Week-days: Report to Bldg 350 and check-in with the Dive school quarterdeck to get orders stamped. Then proceed room 203 to meet with Military Training Leader (MTL) to in-process.

POC: Military Training Leader (850) 235-5260, (850)-348-0011. Students attending this course are required to report at least one-day prior to the initial course start date unless under COVID-19 reporting instructions.

Visit SWCDC website for more information and POCs at:
The following equipment items are required (unless stated "optional") for all students and must be in serviceable condition. Students must meet/maintain Air Force uniform and grooming standards during training.
  • Government Travel Card / Military ID Card
  • 2 x Garrison OCPs or 2 x field multi-cams or OCP's
  • 2 x Uniform cap ‐ 1 x Garrison,
  • 1 x Field "booney" cap (optional)
  • 2 x Belt with buckle (1 x Garrison, 1 x Field "swim")
  • 2 x Pair boots - (1 x Garrison, 1 x Field)
  • 1 x Pair Dive Booties (optional)
  • 5 x Pair (minimum) of black cushion sole socks
  • 6 x T‐shirts (minimum) - sand or brown color (marked on arrival at SWCDC per staff direction)
  • 1 x Pair gloves - black (Nov‐Apr)
  • 1 x Watch cap - black (Nov‐Apr)
  • 1 x Field jacket or GORTEX ‐ (Nov‐Apr) / Rain gear (Issued garments only)
  • 2 x Pair running shoes – (one for classroom/one for PT)
  • 1 x Pair flip-flops/shower shoes
  • 7 x Pair socks (White)
  • 5 x Cotton underwear (White) wear under issued UDT shorts
  • 1 x USAF Sweats (Gray), top and bottom
  • 2 x Towels (minimum)  
  • 6 x Pair running shorts – Blue or Black (as issued)
  • 1 x Personal back pack – (ensure compliance with AFI 36‐2903)
  • 1 x Pen/pencil, notebook, high‐lighter, index cards
  • 1 x 64 ounce water container
  • 1 x I.D. tag set
  • 2 x Military issue eyeglasses (as required)
Firearms Prohibition Statement
Airmen are not permitted to bring personal firearms or ammunition while attending Special Warfare Training Group (SWTG) courses. If firearms are transported to a SWTG course due to TDY en route, PCS, or some other unavoidable circumstance; they must be declared to SW training leadership immediately and turned-in to the Security Forces (SF) armory immediately upon arrival. A copy of the AF Form 1314, Firearms Registration, and the DD Form 2760, Qualifications to Possess Firearms or Ammunition will be submitted to SF Armory, and to SW training leadership. Failure to comply with the above instructions is punishable under Article 92; Failure to Comply; under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Visit AFCDC website for more information and POCs at:

Point of Contact
Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center
Air Force Combat Dive Course (AFCDC)

Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center
350 S. Crag Road
Panama City Beach FL 32407

(210) 488-5295 | (850) 235‐5260 | (850) 636‐6243 | (850) 636‐6331

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