Air Force Combat Dive Course (AFCDC)

For any questions contact us:
(850) 235‐5260
(850) 636‐6243
(850) 636‐6331

All students must arrive and maintain meeting Air Force uniform and grooming standards.

The following COVID-19 instructions are for TDY students attending “ALL” Special Warfare pipeline courses for Pararescue (1Z131).

1. COVID-19 LOA Instructions. Use the LOA 1L3LXX C1 to account for any additional expenses related to COVID-19. You can split the expenses by date range in DTS for the applicable expenses/days. For example:
a. If you must complete the 14-day quarantine prior to or after attending class, charge the lodging and per diem for those days (only) to the COVID-19 LOA.
b. If you were moved from on-base lodging to off base lodging, due to circumstance caused by COVID19, only charge the days you were off base to the COVID-19 LOA. Please ensure PJ EMT-Paramedic students keep copies of their receipts while at clinical rotation in out-of-state locations if state requires QTine before training start. Same applies for PJ and CRO Apprentice training TDYs.
c. If you received a rental car due to your movement from on-base to off-base because of COVID-19, charge the rental car expense to the COVID-19LOA. You will still need the approved authorization memorandum from the applicable POC.

2. This information is included in the e-mails 502d TTS office sends to personnel (travelers) with a valid training RIP to attend Special Warfare training. The email also includes the TDY-to-School LOA (TTS fund cite) used for the training time during the TDY. Both fund cites are to be included on the orders for the travelers that are processed in DTS. 502nd TTS office will also put these instructions on the en-route orders processed in OPA, if they have a T funded quota.

3. Please remember, the COVID-19 LOA should only be used for additional costs that occur as a result of COVID-19 procedures or policies. All other TTS costs should be charged to the normal TTS LOA (TTS fund cite).

4. Contact your unit Training Manager and/or the Training Manager listed on the front page of the ETCA announcement for questions related to COVID-19 instructions.

WARNORD—COVID-19: All personnel reporting for Special Warfare Initial Skills, Supplemental, or Top-Off training must arrive at the training location a minimum of 15 days prior to their scheduled training date to undergo a 14-day quarantine. This applies to all student ranks and categories, with the exception of NPS students directly transferring from BMTS. All students are required to stay on NSA PC.

All Students MUST provide all medical documents to AFCD Medical NLT 1 week prior to CSD.  If the candidates have not completed a hyperbaric chamber pressure test IAW the USN Dive Manual, they are required to report a week prior to original course start date with appropriate medical documents in hand as listed below. All students’ medical records are required to be sent to SWCDC medical Department NLT 1 week prior to CSD. Those who arrive without appropriate medical documents in hand, will be required to attain their records on their personal time. Those who fail to attain their records by the first Wednesday of the course at 1300L will be dropped from the course and will be sent back to their home unit, at their home unit’s expense.

Required medical documents:

Current SF 2808 (Dive Physical - must contain full neurological examination, chest x-ray report, and copy of 12 lead EKG strip)
Current SF 2807 (Report of medical history)
Current AF 2992 (Flight Physical) - mandatory to start day one of course; those who do not have a current AF 2992 or equivalent will be sent back to their home unit
DD Form 2766 (Immunization record)
Pressure test verification (must be completed prior to arrival unless pre-coordinated with AFCDC)

Full dental record must be hand carried.

Medical Point of Contact
(850) 230‐7708

The following items are required (unless stated “optional”) for all Air Force students and must be in serviceable condition.

• 2 x Garrison ABU’s/OCP’s
• 2 x Field Multicams or ABU’s
• 2 x Uniform cap‐ 1 X Garrison, 1 X Field
• 1 x “booney” cap (optional)
• 2 x Belt with buckle (1 x Garrison, 1 x Field “swim”)
• 2 x Boots – (1 x Garrison, 1 x Field)
• 1 x Dive Booties (optional)
• 5 x Socks, (black) cushion sole, 5 pairs minimum
• Minimum 6 x Sand or Brown T‐shirt (marked on arrival at AFCDC per staff direction)
• 1 x black gloves (Nov‐Apr)
• 1 x Watch cap, black (Nov‐Apr)
• 1 x Field jacket or GORTEX ‐ (Nov‐Apr)
• Rain gear (Issued garments only)
• 2 x Running shoes – (1 x classroom, 1 x PT) plus 1 pair flip‐flops/shower shoes
• 7 x Socks (White)
• 5 x Cotton underwear (White) wear under issued UDT shorts
• 1 x USAF (Gray) Sweats, top and bottom (PJ Trainee sweats from Pre‐dive/CCT Keesler issued sweats)
• 2 x Towel
• Minimum 6 x Running shorts – Blue or Black (as issued)
• 1 x Personal Back Pack – (ensure compliance with AFI 36‐2903)
• 1 x Pen/pencil, notebook, high‐lighter, index cards
• 1 x 64 ounce water container
• 1 x I.D. tag set
• 2 x Military Issue Eyeglasses (as required)
• Full Medical and dental record either in hand or available on HAIMS
• Shot records or printout showing current shots
• Government Travel Card
• Military ID Card

Upon arrival at Panama City / Bay County Airport, take a taxi or ridesharing service to Naval Support  Activity, “the Navy Base” Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC), 350 South Crag Rd. Panama City Beach, Florida 32407.

Keep ALL receipts; you will need them for your travel voucher.

Arriving during duty hours (Monday ‐ Friday 0730‐1600)

Report immediately to one of the MTLs upstairs in the AFCDC front office.

Arriving after duty hours

Report to NDSTC quarterdeck to have your orders stamped and proceed to the Sea Shore Inn to check in. It is in building 484 and the number is (850) 230‐7299 (NPS) or (850) 230‐7117 (PS). (NPS) If you are arriving after 1800 or on a non‐duty day, have a group leader contact the MTL office prior to your arrival, so we can ensure you someone is available to check you into your dorm room. NPS students report to 3rd floor deck (3rd floor of lodging) for check in. You are authorized meals at the Galley; ensure you use a copy of your orders at the Galley until you receive your meal card. No PT gear of any kind is allowed in the Galley.

If you have any delays while en route, contact an MTL immediately. 
(850) 235‐5260
(850) 636‐6243
Government Cell
(850) 348‐0011

FIREARMS PROHIBITION STATEMENT Candidates are not permitted to bring personal firearms or ammunition while attending SWTG Courses. If firearms are transported to a SWTG courses due to TDY en-route, PCS, or some other unavoidable circumstance; they must be declared to SW training leadership immediately with prior coordination, and turned-in to the SFS armory immediately upon arrival. A copy of the AF Form 1314, Firearms Registration, and the DD Form 2760, Qualifications to Possess Firearms or Ammunition will be submitted to SFS Armory, and to SW training leadership. Failure to comply with the above instructions is punishable under Article 92; Failure to Comply; under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.



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