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140213-N-CG436-031 PANAMA CITY, Fla. (Feb. 13, 2014) Students at Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC) conduct training operations in the center's 40-foot-deep Aquatic Training Facility. NDSTC, the largest diving facility in the world, trains more than 1,200 military divers from every branch of service each year. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Scichilone)

USCG Special Missions Training Detachment- Dive (SMTD-Dive) Unit

SMTD-Dive works to train Coast Guard members to become experts in all U.S. Coast Guard subsurface operations. Coast Guard Divers (DV) perform the full spectrum of Coast Guard missions within the underwater domain. They operate diving equipment, air supply systems, handheld sonars, underwater power tools, and remotely operated vehicles. USCG Divers conduct searches, perform recoveries, investigations, and underwater repair in a wide variety of subsurface conditions. They dive all across the globe, in equatorial and arctic temperatures, in pristine and contaminated waters, and in unlimited to zero visibility.

SMTD-Dive Coast Guard Liaison Office (CGLO)
Phone: (850) 235-5244

NDSTC Quarterdeck
(850) 234-4651

SPO Information: All students attending any course of training at NDSTC shall be assigned TDY, with administrative issues handled by the CGLO and the member’s parent command.
If arriving at Northwest Beaches International Airport (ECP) via commercial air, have a taxi/rideshare (approx. $60) take you to the “Navy Base on Panama City Beach.” 

If arriving via POV, the base is located on the western side of the Hathaway Bridge on HWY 98. You may enter NSA Panama City from the Thomas Drive gate 24 hours a day. You MUST have a valid military ID to enter the base.
All students attending Second Class Diver training (DV “A” School) will have lodging arranged for them by SMTD-Dive staff.  First Class (1C) diver students refer to order notes when making lodging reservations. If there are any questions, contact your class sponsor.
 Physical Address
Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC) 
350 South Crag Rd 
Panama City, FL 32407
 Student Mailing Address
Class XX-XX-2C, USCG
Naval Diving & Salvage Training Center
350 South Crag Rd
Panama City, FL 32407
 Check-in Information
Upon arrival at NSA Panama City, report directly to the quarterdeck at NDSTC to have your orders stamped. You must be wearing a proper working uniform (ODU’s) when checking-in during normal working hours of 0600-1600, Monday through Friday. You must have your orders stamped prior to checking into unaccompanied housing/BEQ office for assignment to berthing. Contact your class sponsor to let him know you’ve arrived, and they will answer any questions you may have. If you cannot contact your class sponsor, you may attempt to contact one of the other SMTD-Dive staff using the contact info located in your welcome aboard package. 

On the first day of training, you shall report in Tropical Blue with Garrison Cover, ready for inspection. There will be information available regarding your class report time and classroom number located on the quarterdeck upon check-in.
 NDSTC Uniform Policy
General Policy: All assigned personnel will report to the first day of training in Tropical Blue uniform with Garrison Cover. The uniform to be worn in class will be ODU’s. The graduation uniform will be Tropical Blue with Garrison Cover. It is recommended you bring all associated uniform items that you’ll need, as the closest CG Exchange is in Mobile, Alabama, almost 4 hours away. There is a small Navy Exchange on base that has a few uniform items, but selection is extremely limited. 

Physical Fitness Attire: 2C students will wear white crew neck t-shirts and Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) shorts with athletic socks and running shoes. UDT shorts will be issued to students upon arrival to NDSTC. Male undergarments will not extend below the bottom of the UDT shorts at any time. Females may wear Black, Grey or Dark Blue one-piece swimsuit or sports bra. It is recommended that you bring two pairs of shoes, as they will often get wet.

***See below Sea Bag Checklist for further guidance***  
 Mandated Training
Ensure you are current on all USCG mandated training prior to your arrival at NDSTC for Diver Training.
 Physical Requirements
Prospective dive candidates should be proficient at pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, flutter kicks and running. 

Further in-water preparatory recommendations can be found online at NDSTC's Physical Preparation page.
 Coast Guard Diver Training Sea Bag Checklist
Uniform Items
•    1 set of Tropical Blue with Garrison Cover
•    2 sets of ODU’s
•    1 standard Ball cap 
•    1 Foul Weather Parka with rank insignia 
•    1 pair Black work Boot

***Ensure you bring an ample number of CG uniform items with all accessories as the nearest CG Exchange to NSA Panama City is located in Mobile, Alabama, approximately 4 hours away.***

Physical Fitness Wear

•    6 WHITE CREW NECK t-shirts
•    Coast Guard Sweatshirt 
•    Coast Guard Sweatpants 
•    1 pair of running shoes (2 pairs are recommended)
•    Socks, athletic type that will not extend above the knee.
•    Male undergarments: Appropriate undergarments that will not extend below the bottom of the athletic or UDT shorts. 
•    Female undergarments: Solid black, gray or dark Blue One-Piece Swimsuit or sports bra 
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