140213-N-CG436-031 PANAMA CITY, Fla. (Feb. 13, 2014) Students at Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC) conduct training operations in the center's 40-foot-deep Aquatic Training Facility. NDSTC, the largest diving facility in the world, trains more than 1,200 military divers from every branch of service each year. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Scichilone)

Coast Guard Liaison Office (CGLO)
(850) 235-5244

NDSTC Quarterdeck
(850) 234-4651

Student Control
(850) 235-5241

(850) 235-5218

SPO Information: All students attending any course of training at NDSTC shall be assigned TDY, with administrative issues handled by the CGLO and the member’s parent command.

Shall be arranged for you by CGLO. If there are any questions contact your class sponsor. Ensure you call the Barracks to verify your room rate for your travel advance and to confirm your reservation with your GTCC.

Payment of BEQ Room Bills: In an effort to minimize the amount of time students must spend on doing travel claims, students SHALL obtain an advance to cover the cost of their rooms for the full time they are here. Room bills are to be paid bi-monthly using these funds. If a student is having problems obtaining an advance to cover the cost of the room each month they SHALL contact CGLO prior to arriving.

Barracks BEQ/BOQ
(850) 234-4217
Housing Office
(850) 234-4248

If arriving via airplane, have a taxi take you to the “Navy Base on Panama City Beach.” If arriving via POV, the base is located on the western side of the Hathaway Bridge on HWY 98 on the beach. You enter the base from the Thomas Drive gate 24/7.

Rate, Name
Naval Diving & Salvage Training Center
350 South Crag Rd
Panama City, FL 32407

Upon arrival in Panama City report to the quarterdeck at NDSTC to have your orders stamped then go to the Naval Support Activity BEQ/BOQ as appropriate for initial check in and berthing.

Contact your class sponsor to let him know you’ve arrived and he will answer any questions you may have. If you cannot contact your class sponsor you may try to contact one of the other CGLO members. The first day of training you shall report in Tropical Blue (Garrison Cover) with your medical record in hand. There will be information available regarding your class report time and classroom on the quarterdeck; if there are changes to this your class sponsor will inform you.

You must hand carry your medical record to school with a current and approved dive physical, no exceptions or excuses!!

Medical care is provided to service members through the school sickbay.

Local emergency numbers:

NDSTC Clinic (850) 235-5218

Naval Support Activity Clinic (850) 234-4533

Tyndall AFB Emergency Room (850) 283-7591/7592

Gulf Coast Hospital (civilian) (850) 769-8341

Bay Medical Clinic (civilian) (850) 769-1511

General Policy: All assigned personnel will report in Tropical Blue with garrison cover, the combo cover is not necessary at dive school. The uniform to be worn in class will be ODU’s. The graduation uniform will be Tropical Blue. Bring comfortable black boots; you will be marching in them to and from class. It is recommended you bring all associated uniform items you’ll need, as the closest CG Exchange is in Mobile, AL, almost 4 hours away. There is a small Navy Exchange on base that has a few uniform items, but selection is limited.

PT Gear: You should bring at least two packets (6 shirts) of white crew neck t-shirts, as this iswhat the PT shirt will be. The school will issue UDT shorts. Bring all white sport socks and a pair of running shoes. It is recommended that you bring two pairs of shoes, as they will often getwet. Additionally, females should have a solid navy blue one-piece swimsuit and appropriate sports bras (gray or white). See below Sea Bag Checklist for further information.

Do not expect off base liberty during the weekdays at NDSTC, pending the training schedule. Weekend out-of-bounds chits, distances greater than 250 miles, may be authorized but leaving school early on Friday or coming back late on Monday is not. You must submit a special request chit through CGLO, at least one week prior to travel, for approval to travel more than 250 miles during weekend liberty. Do not book your flights to leave after graduation until you’ve checked with the CGLO.

Ensure ALL of your mandated training that will or may come due during your TDY time is complete prior to arriving at NDSTC for training as there is limited time and limited computer access.

You SHALL practice and be able to perform the following prior to arriving. If you have problems performing the below requirements you shall contact CGLO prior to arrival for training.

1. Run 3 miles in less than 25 minutes.

2. Swim 1,000 yards on your back with your arms by your sides or across your chest, with mask and fins in less than 22 minutes.

3. Sit in the shallow end of a pool with only a snorkel and breath for at least 3 minutes. Practice with a snorkel in the pool without a mask and swim the circumference of the pool porpoising all the way. Practice dropping your mask and snorkel in the deep end, go down put it on, clear the mask and snorkel, then surface in a calm manner. You are required to pass this phase.

4. Drown Proofing. This will be performed for 5 minutes first with your ankles tied loosely and you may use only your hands. Next remove the line and hold it in both hands with hands touching behind the back for another 5 minutes, this time using only your legs. In both evolutions you must place your head in the water raising it only to take 1 breath before putting back in the water. You are required to pass this phase.

5. You should also periodically do the pre-screening test that you took as part of your application package. You will be required to complete this task the second day of class.

BEWARE - The PT requirements are not that difficult, however, if you gun-decked the prescreening PT test on your package and have not made an effort to be in shape upon arrival, then you will be discovered and sent home. The Coast Guard needs everyone who arrives to graduate, don’t shortchange yourself or the Coast Guard by not being prepared.

All students shall ensure compliance with the following checklist prior to reporting to NDSTC.

NOTE: All items listed below are REQUIRED minimums. UDC stock numbers can be found in parenthesis.

Uniform Items
  • 1 set of Tropical Blue with Garrison Cover
  • 2 sets of ODU’s
  • 1 CLEAN and PRESENTABLE Ball cap (BC)
  • Watch Cap (WC)
  • Boonie Hat (BH-size)
  • Foul Weather Parka and liner with appropriate Foul Weather Parka rank insignia (FWP-size; FWL-size; PD-rank)
  • Boot/Shoe shine kit

***Ensure you bring an ample amount of uniform items with all accessories as the nearest CG Exchange is Mobile, Alabama, approximately 4 hours away.***

Physical Fitness Wear
  • 1 packet (3 shirts) of WHITE CREW NECK t-shirts
  • Coast Guard Sweat Shirt (SS-size)
  • Coast Guard Sweat Pants (SP-size)
  • 1 pair of running shoes (2 pairs are recommended)
  • All white sport socks
  • Men: do not bring underwear that will stick out below the UDT’s of your PT shorts (i.e. long compression shorts and/or boxer briefs, etc.)
***Women Only***
  • One Piece solid Navy Blue Swim Suit (NSSF-size)
  • ​Sports Bras – Gray or white
  • Handy carry your complete Medical/Dental record with the current dive physical.
  • TDY Orders.
  • If you are driving make sure you have registration, insurance, rental agreement, etc. so you can get a vehicle pass. Also ensure your command has a copy of your travel plan.
  • Enlisted will receive a meal card from the school. You are required to claim these meals on your travel claim as Government/Deductible Meals. Officers will pay for each meal they eat.
  • Keep all receipts for your travel.
  • Travel Advance for lodging costs.
  • Toiletry/Shower items

Naval Support Activity Housing and Lodging can answer questions regarding this area. Housing office number is (850) 234-4248 and (850) 236-2920.

Naval Support Activity Panama City MWR has trailers or cabins available by the day or week at (850) 234-4402. Sometimes students will have family members come down during graduation and stay at the cabins.



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