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What is FSPC?

The Future Sailor Preparatory Course is a program built to increase the performance of civilians by providing the tools and training to meet the standards for Navy recruits.

The program consists of two courses – Fitness Skills Development and Academic Skills Development. Each course has a dedicated curriculum put together by experts to provide participants with skills they need to progress to potential Sailors.
FSPC is about improving performance and reducing barriers to enlistment by ensuring recruits meet all requirements prior to basic training.
Future Sailors will go through in-processing or “P days” up to day 4 before joining their program division. Each course is three weeks long and include benchmark assessments to ensure Future Sailors meet standards and are fully prepared to move on into a Basic Military Training Division.




Future Sailor Preparatory Course - Fitness Skills Development

Who can enter into FSPC for fitness?
  •  Recruits who are between 2% and 6% above the DoD body fat standards for accessions 
What does the fitness program include?
  • Classes on nutrition, sleep hygiene, and elements of Warrior Toughness 
  • A specialized training regimen developed with the Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System 
  • Low impact, scalable, low-to-no equipment workouts. 
  • Build healthy habits throughout your career while getting into fighting shape 
How long is the fitness track?
  • Three weeks for main program 
  • Participants may be recycled up to a 90-day max 
  • Recruits will move on to Basic Military Training upon meeting body composition standards
Fitness Resources

 Developed in partnership by the Navy and EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance Institute), The Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) provides the Navy with a “best in class” physical fitness and nutrition program for Sailors and Future Sailors. 

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Future Sailor Preparatory Course - Academic Skills Development

Who can enter into FSPC for academics?
  •   Recruits who scored 10 - 30 on their ASVAB  
What does the academic program include?
  • Courses in foundational math, algebra, geometry, reading comprehension, and vocabulary Physical training and some Sailorization courses to best prepare them for basic military training 
  • Split between classroom instruction, small-group study hall, one-on-one instruction, and computer-based remediation  
How long is the academic track?
  • Three weeks for main program 
  • Participants may be recycled up to a 90-day max 
  • Recruits will move on to Basic Military Training upon a 10 point increase on their ASVAB score
  • Recruits may pick a new rating with their improved ASVAB scores
  • Recruits arrive to RTC already contracted to a rating or the Professional Apprenticeship Career Tracks (PACT) program
Academic Resources
  • March 2 Success March2Success is your FREE online resource hub, designed to empower users to boost their performance on critical standardized tests. Whether you're gearing up for state exit exams, college entrance exams, or the ASVAB military entrance test, we've got you covered.
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